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WT-Yemen 01:13 Days Exploration of Yemen: Sanaa - Marib - Shibam - Sayun - Tarim - Ainat - Al-Mukalla - Bir Ali - Aden - Habban - Taiz - Al-Djanad - Djiblah - Al-Hajjarah - Beit Baus - Al-Raudhah
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    Arrival in Yemen

    Yemen has a long recorded history of 3000 years and it is also one of the ancient civilianization cradles in Arab world. You will fly to Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen. Sanaa is famous for its ancient city, earning the name of “Arab pearl” and “Spring City”. Upon arrival, you will check in a hotel and adjust the time difference.

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    You will walk to visit the old city of Sanaa today. Sanaa is situated in the valley with the altitude of 2200 meters. The local residents have been living here for more than 2500 years. It had become the important dissemination center of Islamism between the 7th and 8th century. The reason why Sanaa earns its name, the old city, is that it leaves various political and cultural relics. There are altogether 106 mosques, 12 ahab’s temple and 6,500 clubs which are all built by the 11th century.

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    In the morning, you will get to Marib by bus to visit the new and old dams, temples and old city.

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    Shibam - Sayun

    In the morning, you will go to Wadi Hadhramaut by crossing the desert. While in the afternoon, you are going to tour around Sayun, the old city. After that, you will proceed to the downtown area.

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    Sayun - Tarim - Ainat - Sayun

    The downtown of Sayun and Tarim will be visited in the morning while Ainat will be seen in the afternoon. In Sayun, you will have a trip to see the Kraton and traditional handicraft market. After the whole trip, you will return to Sayun.

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    Al - Mukalla - Bir Ali

    Early in the morning, you will head down to Al-Mukalla by bus to see the old city. During the trip, you will go through Wadi Hadhramaut. After that, you will ride to Bir Ali along the Indian Ocean to enjoy the magnificent beach.

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    Aden - Habban

    You are going to have a memorable experience in Aden. Aden is known as the sea transport hub of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It also earns the name of the world’s famous harbor. Before arriving there, you will have a 680 kilometers trek .During the trip, you can feast your eyes on the desert, volcano, beautiful villages and Tropical dry valley etc. Moreover, you will visit Habban as well.

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    You will ride to Taiz to visit the noted Ashrafiyah Mosque and then move to mountain Djabal Saber. After that, you will also have fun in the traditional market.

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    Al-Djanad - Djiblah - Sanaa

    The morning tour will take you to visit the national museum and then ride to Al-Djanad to visit the mosque. After that, you will tour around the old city, Al-Djanad- Djiblah and return to Sanaa in the afternoon.

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    Firstly, you will have a trip to see Wadi Dhahr and rock palace of the Imam. After that, you will ride to visit the mountain fortress of Thula and Kaukaban and walk to Shibam after dinner. You will get back to Sanaa when you arrive in Shibam.

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    Al-Hajjarah - Sanaa

    Today, you will transfer to Haraz/Manakha to admire the famous Al-Hajjarah village and pilgrimage place of the Bohra sect Al-Hoteip. Then go back to Sanaa in the afternoon.

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    Beit Baus - Al-Raudhah

    In the morning, you are going to visit the Beit Baus village and the Al-Raudhah village near Sanaa. This afternoon, you will be free to make your own schedule. You can choose to rest in the hotel or go shopping to purchase some souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives.

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    Departure from Yemen

    After breakfast, you will leave Yemen by plane and put an end to this memorable trip.