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WT-UAE 02:5 Days Tour of UAE: Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah
  • Day
    Arrival in Dubai

    You will go to the second largest city of the United Arabic Emirates (UAE), Dubai by air. Dubai lies in the center of the Gulf area and is known as ‘Pearl of the Gulf’. With its “petrodollars”, Dubai has built a series of modern supporting infrastructural facilities and the large-scale construction has made Dubai synonymous with luxury. Upon arrival, you will go to the hotel to recover from the jet lag, or you can also feel the luxury of Dubai for the first time.

  • Day

    After the whole night’s rest, you will first visit Juemirah Mosque. This mosque not only processes rich Middle East characteristics, but also one of the most attractive places in the City of Dubai. Then move to visit the National Museum of UAE, which is also called Dubai Museum. It is one of the few that displays the local historical relics in Dubai. Afterwards, you will take a water bus to go to the gold market and spice market while viewing buildings along both sides of the Dubai River. After lunch you will go dune-bashing along the beach and also have a look at the famous seven-star hotel of Dubai in the distance. In the evening, the tourists will be invited to participate in the traditional Arabic bonfire party and have a taste of the traditional Arabic barbecue.

  • Day
    Dubai – Sharjah - Dubai

    Drive to Sharjah after breakfast. Sharjah is an important place for us to learn Arabic culture, which is known as the “Culture Capital of Arabic World”. Upon arrival, you will visit the Sharjah Culture Square and the largest mosque of Sharjah - King Fascal mosque. Then continue the tour to the “Locomotive Handicrafts Market”, where you can choose and purchase delicate hand-woven woolen carpets, Middle Eastern wares and so on. After the visit in Sharjah, you will drive back to Dubai.

  • Day
    Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Dubai

    Today’s tour will be arranged in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. Drive to Abu Dhabi after breakfast. Upon arrival, you will go to visit the Abu Dhabi palace and Zayed Mosque, which is currently the third greatest Islamic architecture in the world. Then proceed to visit the Emirates Palace Hotel, which is the most luxurious and the most expensive hotel in the world today. It cost three billion US dollars and is considered as “no less than a building for the king.” After lunch you will visit the Marina Mall, which is a large beach shopping mall in Middle East. Then return to Dubai by bus.

  • Day
    Departure from Dubai

    Free activities are arranged today. You can choose to take your own time to go sightseeing in Dubai or purchase some souvenirs for your family or friends at the shopping center. After dinner you will transfer to the airport and take a flight leaving from Dubai.