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WT- Uganda 01:12 Days Entebbe - Kampala - Murchison Falls National Park - Fort Portal - Semuliki Wildlife Reserve - Queen Elizabeth National Park - Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest - Lake Mburo National Park - Jinja
  • Day
    Arrival in Entebbe - Kampala

    After arriving in Entebbe, you will drive to the hotel and check in. On the city tour of Entebbe, you will visit Kasub Tombs, which is said to be the largest straw thatched tomb in the Africa. This enormous tomb was built with reed and bark. Then you will go to the head office of Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala to reserve the permits which allow us to track all the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest.

  • Day
    Kampala - Murchison Falls National Park

    Today you will visit Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls is located on the Nile River, which is as long as 6700 kilometers. It is the most spectacular scene in this area. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 6 meters wide, and tumbles 43 meters, then flows westward into Lake Albert. Thats why it is considered as one of the most turbulent flows that have ever been discovered in the world.

  • Day
    Murchison Falls National Park - Fort Portal

    In the morning, you will head to Fort Portal, which is situated at the north-east of Rwenzori Mountains. It is also located in the center of a tea growing area. Surrounded by many trees, this area is full of energy.

  • Day
    Fort Portal - Semuliki Wildlife Reserve - Fort Portal

    This morning, you will drive to Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, which was formerly known as Toro Game Reserve. This large reserve, abutting Lake Albert and the northern base of Rwenzoirs, is a rich mosaic of grassland, savannah, forest and wetland habitats. This reserve is also famous for the villages of Pygmies, which are near to Ntandi Village.

  • Day
    Fort Portal - Queen Elizabeth National Park

    From open savannah to rainforest, from dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward, it is little wonder that Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game reserve in the world. Almost 100 mammal species and a remarkable 606 bird species makes this superb safari territory, with elephant, a profusion of hippos, the elusive giant forest hog and handsome Uganda kob all regularly sighted around the tourist village on the Mweya Peninsula.

  • Day
    Queen Elizabeth National Park

    The morning tour will take you to visit the Kyambura Gorge, which is located on the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This gorge harbours habituated chimps. Accompanied by forest rangers, you will walk across the forests and track chimps.

  • Day
    Queen Elizabeth National Park - Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest

    Today you will head to Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest, which is located across the steep ridges of the Albertine Rift Valley just like a green ribbon. This ancient forest protects more than half of the remaining gorilla population in the world. Looking at the sensitive brown eyes of those large primates will be the most exciting and impressive experience of this trip.

  • Day
    Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest

    Today you will walk across the rainforest and have some close contacts with gorillas.

  • Day
    Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest - Lake Mburo National Park

    Travel to Lake Mburo National Park this morning. Mburo has markedly different fauna to other reserves. It is also the best place in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope, as well as zebra, topi, impala, and several acacia-associated birds. Famous for its rich biodiversity, this park harbors about 68 species of mammals. The lake is rich with a diversity of animal and plant species which can only be viewed clearly if you take a boat trip. Here you can see the crocodiles, Hippopotamuses and birds like Pelicans, Black Crake, Heron, Cormorant, Fish Eagle. You will definitely find Lake Mburo National Park exciting and interesting.

  • Day
    Lake Mburo National Park

    In the morning you will continue your tour in Lake Mburo National Park. Then get back to Kampala.

  • Day
    Kampala - Jinja

    Today you will drive to Jinja, which is near to the source of Nile. You will cruise along the river to see the source of White Nile and the boundary between Lake Victoria and Nile. You will not only be impressed by the grant sight of roaring Nile, but also the beautiful scenery all around. 

  • Day
    Jinja - Departure from Entebbe

    Continue your trip in the morning. After lunch you will drive to Entebbe Airport and depart.