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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, is the largest island country in Europe. It has the diversity landscapes and you may enjoy the idyllic scenery in the centuries-old villages. London, the capital city is a bustling metropolis enhanced by distinguished majesty, enriching museums and great shopping. The enchanting country welcome your visit!

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Tour Code: WT-United Kingdom 01
9 Days Trip of United Kingdom: London - Cambridge - Edinburgh - Windermere - Manchester - Birmingham - Stratford - Oxford - Windsor
Tour Code: WT-United Kingdom 02
10 Days Tour of United Kingdom: Snowdonia
Tour Code: WT-United Kingdom 03
7 Days Journey of United Kingdom: London - Cambridge - York - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Windermere - Manchester
Tour Code: WT-United Kingdom 04
10 Days Tour of United Kingdom: London - Cambridge - York - Leeds - Edinburgh - Windermere - Glasgow - Farne Islands - Belfast - Dublin - Rosslare - Fishguard - (Cardiff - Stonehenge - Bath - Stratford - Bicester

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in United Kingdom

    London, being the biggest city and the biggest seaport of the United Kingdom, which is one of the largest metropolises and one of the four world-class cities as well, is the capital city of the United Kingdom. After arrival, you will have a rest in the hotel and adjust to jet lag.

  • Day 02
    London - Cambridge - York - Leeds

    You will go to the Cambridge by bus, the famous college town worldwide. Here you will visit one of the well-known colleges in the University of Cambridge - the King’s College, and the Trinity College, which is one of the colleges of Cambridge with the largest scale in size, the most powerful in the financial ability and the most prestigious in reputation. You are allowed to go around freely in the town to experience the special Cambridge custom and go boating in the Cambridge River at your own expense. Next you will drive to York, the ancient town with its history traced back to the ancient Roman period, which used to reputed as ”the annually optimum tourism city in the Europe”. After visiting the York Minister, youwill move to Leeds.

  • Day 03
    Leeds - Edinburgh - Glasgow

    After breakfast you will go to Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland. First, you are going to visit the Edinburgh Castle standing in the rugged granite. The small and masterly St. Margarets Chapel in the Edinburgh Castle is the oldest building in Edinburgh to date. Then you will walk along The Royal Mile Road, which was paved with stones in medieval times. Next, you will proceed to visit “the oldest floral clock in the world” construct in 1903 in the prince street park. In the north of the prince street, there are famous shopping malls, which make it the best place for shopping. At last, you will take a bus to Glasgow for a visit.

  • Day 04
    Glasgow - Kane Ryan - Fine Islands - Belfast

    Drive to Glasgow and then you will take a boat to Fine Islands, which is the main habitat for all together more than 20 kinds of British seabirds to reproduce. Then you will visit Giant’s Causeway, located at the northern coast of Northern Ireland and stretching for over eight kilometers, which is often known as Giant’s rock. Giant’s Causeway is a Basalt column formed 15,000 years ago, a magnificent wonder which has been in the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Then you will take a city tour of Belfast, famous for various historical relics, among which is Titanic Shipyard, a peak of its shipbuilding industry.

  • Day 05
    Belfast - Dublin

    You will drive to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. The famous writher James Augustine Aloysius Joyce once said that if you can walk into the heart of Dublin, it is easy for you to go into the heart of any city. Then you will leave for the Powerscourt Gardens, also known as “Ireland Garden”. It is one of the best manors in Europe, which is hidden among the stretching mountains in the purified and beautiful County Wicklow. The closer garden and pond mix together with the mountains far away, which constitutes sweet dream scenery.

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