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Tour Code: WT-Turkey 01
7 Days Ecological Tour of Turkey: Ankara

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Ankara - Amasya

    After arriving in Ankara, capital of Turkey, you will directly drive to Amasya, which is the capital city in the ancient times and now a trade centre of farm produce. It is famous for its medieval architectures, orchard gardens and brick-making. Amasya is regarded as the fairytale city with stunning scenery and you will check in the hotel upon arrival.

  • Day 02
    Amasya – Turhal - Zile

    The destinations today are Turhal and Zile. After breakfast you will make a visit to the local orchards including cherry orchard, apple orchard, grape orchard and pear orchard. Meanwhile you will have a chance to taste the fresh and sweet fruits. In the evening, you will get to Cakir Cali Koyu and the dinner will be arranged at a local family in village.

  • Day 03
    Cakircali Village

    You will spend the whole day in Cakircali Village--a typical Turkish village. There were once 80 households but now only 25 left, since more and more villagers moved into cities. Though the village is small, the landscape such as prosperous forest and unique canyons are exceptionally splendid. If it happens to be a wedding ceremony, you will have an opportunity to understand its wedding custom. You can visit the village by yourselves as it is a time for free activity.

  • Day 04
    Cakircali Village

    The schedule today is to have a look at the villagers doing farm work in the orchards and vegetable gardens. By joining the villagers to pick ripe fruit, the tourists will gain the firsthand and hard-won experience of Turkish farm life. You will also get to know the unique methods of preserving and making food by this chance. The villagers usually start working at 8:00 till the evening.

  • Day 05
    Cakircali Village

    Today’s tour will take you to enjoy the natural beauty of the village--mainly the mountains. We will walk along the path where you have a chance to see local pedestrians and tractors. Lunch is a picnic which allows you to have conversation with the local sheepherders. After walking into the jungle deeply, you will find various plants and animals. After the tour, you will return to the village for dinner at a local family.

  • Day 06
    Cakircali Village - Hattusa

    In the morning, you will leave Cakircali Village for Hattusa, the capital of ancient Hitites. It was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1986. According to the archaeological study, the city covered 1.8 square kilometers in area at its peak and comprised an inner and outer portion, both surrounded by a massive and still visible course of walls erected during the reign of Suppiluliuma I. The city was destroyed and deserted together with the Hittite Empire itself around c.1200 b.c. The site was not revived until 1st century BC, when some other nationalities have settled in this area. You will surely not miss these relics upon arrival in Hattusa.

  • Day 07
    Hattusa - Departure from Turkey

    After breakfast, you will transfer to Ankara airport and return home by plane. The memorable tour ends here and we wish you have a pleasant journey home!

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