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Tour Code: WT-Spain 03
8 Days Journey of Spain: Cordoba - Barcelona - Valencia - Alicante - Granada - Mijas - Ronda - Jerez - Sevilla - Toledo - Madrid

Departure: Daily
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    Day by Day
  • Day 05
    Granada - Alicante

    You will head to visit the world-famous Alhambra Palace. Alhambra Palace was built on the dangerous hill with a height of 730 meters. It is the only great heritage of Moorish culture, and was identified with world culture heritage in 1986. Its delicate and fine fairness, fresh and refined style as well as its striking beauty make people to praise it not only in words but also on the face. It is the greatest work among the old Islamic buildings. After that you will go to the seaside city Alicante which lies in the southeast of Spain by bus.

  • Day 06
    Alicante - Valencia

    You will stroll around the center city of Coast Blanca---the holiday resort Alicante in the morning. Then you will take a bus to the thirst largest city of Spain, Valencia. It faces the sea on the east and backs on to the wide plain, with green trees and fine weather all the year round. It is a pearl in the west Mediterranean Sea and called as “Rice Store of Spain.” Upon arrival, you are going to visit the municipal hall, Monastery of Saint John of the Kings and Valencia bullfight rings, to learn something about Roman and Moorish histories. At last you will visit City of Arts and Sciences, the modern landmark full of popular features.

  • Day 07
    Valencia - Barcelona

    After breakfast, you will go to the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona, where the modern art giant Picasso and Salvador Dali were born. It is the metropolitan city with the most European features in the Iberian Peninsula and it is called “Pearl of Iberian Peninsula.” You will also visit Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, the work by the famous Spanish modernist architect master Antonio Gaudi Cornet. It is one of the buildings featured with the most magical charms in the world as well as the most magnificent and most famous place of interest in Barcelona.

  • Day 08
    Barcelona – Departure from Spain

    After breakfast, you are going to visit the Olympic Village in the seaside, Catalunya Square. Catalunya Square lies in the center of the whole city of Barcelona and links the old city and the expanded area. You can walk along the bustling Rambla Street with flood of people and cars. This long and winding pedestrian street lies across the whole old city and connects the Catalunya Square in the city center with the sea. Rambla Street is the street with the most Barcelonan or even international characteristics. There are always all kinds of activities and entertainments available here from dawn to dusk. After that, you will take a bus to the airport and leave Spanish by air. Hope you will have a pleasant journey home.

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