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Spain is a country with long history. Watching a matador in action at a bullfight on the street is really a unique experience. Spain got a long Mediterranean sunny beach where tourists can fully exposed themselves in the soft sand and balmy breezes. Madrid and Barcelona are the most renowned cities in Spain.

Spain Embassies

Tour Code: WT-Spain 01
9 Days Tour of Spain: Barcelona - Granada - Malaga - Torremolinos - Marbella - Mijas - Ronda - Jerez - Sevilla - Toledo - Madrid
Tour Code: WT-Spain 02
11 Days Trip of Spain: Barcelona - Toulon - Villefranche - Livorno - Rome - Naples
Tour Code: WT-Spain 03
8 Days Journey of Spain: Cordoba - Barcelona - Valencia - Alicante - Granada - Mijas - Ronda - Jerez - Sevilla - Toledo - Madrid
Tour Code: WT-Spain 04
13 Days Tour of Spain: Madrid - Toledo - Cordoba - Seville - Costa del Sol - Granada - Valencia - Barcelona

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Spain

    After arrival in Madrid, the capital city of Spain at noon, you will transfer to check in a hotel and be free for the rest of the day. Madrid is the biggest city in Spain and also called “gate of Europe” for its important strategic position in history.

  • Day 02

    You will spend the whole day visiting Madrid. The first stop is Prado museum where many works of art are stored. This museum is regarded as one of the greatest museums in the world, and is also the gallery where collections of painting are most comprehensive and authoritative. Then you will go to Palacio Real de Madrid. It is the third largest palace in Europe, next to Versailles and Vienna palace. It is also one of the most well-preserved and delicate palaces in the world. Now, the Palacio Real de Madrid has become a museum and open for visitors. At night, you can experience the traditional night activities in Spain.

  • Day 03
    Madrid (Toledo)

    Today you are free to visit Plaza Mayor, Parque del Buen Retiro or Toledo. In Plaza Mayor, you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the leisure life in Spain. You can go to the most famous park in Madrid---Parque del Buen Retiro. It was built under the reign of Felipe IV. Over 15,000 kinds of plants are within the park and there are also many important monuments. Or you can also go to Toledo, a thousand-year history city once called “a dizzy gravity” by Cervantes. The city has witnessed the history of Spain, from the prosperous ancient Rome streets, Jewish churches, and Arabian city gate to Catholic Gothic churches, Alcazar Castle, Plaza de Zocodover and Puente de Alcantara.

  • Day 04

    In the morning, you are going to Cordoba by AVE. Cordoba is the third largest city in Spain. You will visit Mezquita, built in 8th century. Mezquita is the product and symbol of the transform from Christian to Islamism. Then you can ramble over the Jewish residential district to taste its ancient and interesting characteristics. After that, you will move on to Seville.

  • Day 05

    Seville is the only city which has an inland port in Spain, and it is also an old city in Spain’s southwest and industrial and cultural center. First, you are going to visit Catedralde Sevillay where the coffin of the great voyager Columbus is stored. It is also a famous religious site of this city. Then you will go to visit Torre del Oro, which was built in 1220 and shaped like a fortress with Arabian style. The afternoon time is free on your own and you can ramble over Seville freely by yourselves.

  • Day 06
    Costa del Sol

    Today, you will head for the famous Costa del Sol of Spain. On the way to Costa del Sol, you will stop by Gibraltar, which was the only British colony in Spain and also located at the end of Iberian Peninsula. You can enjoy the special natural landscape and its unique culture and history. The scenic spots you will visit here are Pillars of Hercules and St. Michael’s Cave. Then move forward to the Costa del Sol afterwards.

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