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The Republic of South Africa

South Africa, diversed from the fertile plains, the wide savanna to the Kalahari Desert and the Drakensberg Mountains, offers ample opportunities for adventure travelers. You may also indulge yourself in its renowned wildlife reserves to your hearts' content. Johannesburg, Cape Town are the most hot tourism cities here.

Tour Code: WT-South Africa 01
WT-South Africa 01 9 Days Tour of South Africa: Johannesburg - Cape Town - Robben Island - Gold Reef City - Sun City - Mabula Game Reserve - Pretoria
Tour Code: WT-South Africa 02
10 Days Tour of South Africa: Cape Town - Mount Sheba - Greater Kruger National Park - Pretoria - Livingstone - Johannesburg
Tour Code: WT-South Africa 03
10 Days Journey of South Africa: Cape Town - Overberg - Garden Route - Port Elizabeth - Addo National Park
Tour Code: WT-South Africa 04
8 Days Trip of South Africa: Johannesburg - Sun City - Pretoria - Cape Town - George - Oudtshoorn - Knysna - Wilderness - Mossel Bay
Tour Code: WT-South Africa 05
8 Days Tour of South Africa: Johannesburg - Cape Town - Sun City
Tour Code: WT-South Africa 06
14 Days Travel of South Africa: Johannesburg - Sun City - Pilanesberg - Pretoria - Plettenberg Bay - Cape Town

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in South Africa

    Fly to Johannesburg and then head straight to Sun City by bus for about 2 hours. Sun City is a famous tourist resort referred as “Land of Idyllic Beauty”, as well as a site for Miss World Beauty Contest. Sun City is in fact not a city, but a super-luxury Holiday Village with green hills and blue waters. Here you can experience imitated yet uniquely-designed bathing beaches, vividly-imitated Earthquake Bridge, graceful golf course and artificial lakes. You are sure to get obsessed by the splendid landscape in Sun City and its charm so much as to forget to leave! Check in a hotel after your arrival.

  • Day 02
    Sun City

    You will have a sightseeing tour in Sun City for the whole day. The most important scenic spot of Sun City is Lost City. As legend goes, once within the jungles in ancient South Africa, there was a city which was highly civilized, bearing so much resemblance as ancient Rome. Thereafter it disappeared because of earthquakes and volcanoes. Lost City is exactly the revival of this legendary city. As in legend the city stood in the jungles of Wave Valley, thus for a revitalization of such a Jungles-of-Wave-Valley city, Sun City have altogether transplanted 1.2 million species of trees and plants, and managed to construct a vast area of artificial rain forest and swamp. Among the area lie tranquil, clear creeks and rivers, and dense rain forests and plants. It is no exaggeration that it be ranked as the largest artificial rain forest park around the globe!

  • Day 03
    Sun City

    Sun City is a holiday center which integrates multiple types of entertainment programs. In the city visitors can enjoy a good deal of recreation activities, such as golfing, elephant-riding, round-the-city touring by bicycle, archery, darting, etc. All these activities are perfect for participation of an entire family.

  • Day 04

    It will take a 15-minute ride to get to Bakubung in Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Located in the north of South Africa, Pilanesberg Game Reserve is the fourth largest wild animal zoo in South Africa. The zoo is excellent for it is situated only a slope away from Sun City, the most well-known comprehensive recreational site in Africa. Besides, special tour buses are set commuting from Sun City. Sun City is a city filled with urban atmosphere-thronging crowds, amusement spots, swimming pools, 7-star Hotels, indulging laughs. In contrast, on the other side lays vast prairie-rolling hills, and inside the thick grass or under the trees there live a great many wild animals, such as elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippos, gazelles, etc. All of them are in harmony with visitors in nearby holiday villages without disturbing each other.

  • Day 05

    Pilanesberg Game Reserve is quite huge, so for the next two days you will continue your adventure in the zoo.

  • Day 06

    Today is the last day in Pilanesberg Game Reserve and you are going to visit the large Central Lake.

  • Day 07

    In the morning, you will leave Pilanesberg for Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. Pretoria is totally a westernized city, with the streets almost all white people. The city appears prosperous, tidy streets, attractive landscape, and flourish flowers and trees, which wins a good name of “Garden City”. Next you are scheduled to visit the De Wildt Cheetah Center, where you will get the chance to watch rare species.

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