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Tour Code: WT-Russia 01
6 Days Classical Tour of Russia: Moscow - Saint Petersburg

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Russia

    You will fly to Moscow, the capital of Russia. Moscow was built in 1147 with a long history of more than 800 years. It is one of the megalopolis around the world and the biggest one in Europe. After arrival, you can go straight to check in the hotel and then rest to adjust the jet lag or stroll around by yourselves.

  • Day 02
    Moscow - Saint Petersburg

    The whole day will spend in Moscow. First stop is Red Square. It is a famous square in Russia which used to be the place for mass rally or military parade on some important festivals during the time of Former Soviet Union. Beginning with Red Square, you will continue to visit the tomb of Lenin, Russias Orthodox Church, Saint Basils Cathedral which shows the art style of Russian folk architecture in the 16th century, Tombs of Unnamed Soldiers and the place that Muscovites like to go at leisure time--Alexander Garden. After that, you will go to visit the Moscow Kremlin, which is considered as one of eight wonders of the world. Kremlin is the landmark of Moscow as well as the world-famous building complex. The whole Moscow city is developed gradually on the base of this palace. Then you are going to visit the Russia’s parliament house and the last stop is world-famous Russian circus. In the evening, you will take a train to Saint Petersburg, known as the “Northern Venice”.

  • Day 03
    Saint Petersburg

    After arrival, you will visit the classical Baroque buildings which were built during the October Revolution. Besides, you will also visit Ermitage Museum, one of the four largest museums in the world. There are all together about 2.7 million pieces of historical relics and artworks. It is said that it will take 27 years to appreciate all these collections. The collections are wide-ranging, you can find vases and statues during the ancient Greek and ancient Rome, inscriptions on oracle bones during the Yin-Shang dynasty of China, religious paintings during Byzantine Period and the modern paintings of Picasso. Next, you will go to Art Square, the Bronze Horseman and Alexander Column. Last stop is Isakiyev Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world.

  • Day 04
    Saint Petersburg

    Today, continue the visit in Saint Petersburg. First of all, you will visit the summer palace, known as the “Versailles of Russia”, which used to be the summer resort of Emperor Peter. Here you will see the Fountain Garden. In the afternoon, you will go to Decembrists Square, whose original name is Senate Square. The change of its name is in memory of blood coup-December Revolution in A.D 1825. Following sites are The Church of the Resurrection of Christ, the October revolution resort and outside of Smolny Palace. Then proceed to Aurora Cruiser which launched the first shot of October Revolution and Admiralty building, one of the symbols of Saint Petersburg. In the evening, the famous Russian Ballet show will be presented.

  • Day 05
    Saint Petersburg - Moscow

    The morning tour will take you to visit the Kazan Cathedral. Our Lady of Kazan is honored there. She is maybe the most popular idol in Russia. It was designed by Andrei Voronikhin, a Russian architect, and built from the year of 1801 to 1811. Then you will stroll around the Neva Street. Neva Street is a combination of culture, commercial, trade and entertainment. After that, you will take a boat trip on the Neva River. At night, you will take a train back to Moscow.

  • Day 06
    Departure from Russia

    After arrival in Moscow, you will go to visit the University of Moscow, highest institution of higher learning in Russia. Then proceed to the viewing platform on Lenin Mountain for a full view of Moscow. The following spots are the Moscow Triumphal Arch which has something to do with the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Patriotic war memorial and World War ? victory park etc. In the afternoon, you will visit Moscow subway and Arbat Street. After finishing the tour, you will travel to the airport and leave from Russia by air.

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