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Tour Code: WT-Mexico 02
9 Days Tour of Mexico: Mexico City - Havana

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Mexico City

    You will arrive in Mexico City by the international flight and then check in the hotel to have a rest.

  • Day 02
    Mexico City

  • Day 03
    Mexico City

    You will spend the whole day touring around Mexico City, including the Presidential Palace, Latin Cathedral, Art Museum, Reform Road and Anthropology Museum. At night, you will enjoy the local Mexico feast.

  • Day 04
    Kakahuamipa - Taxco City

  • Day 05
    Mexico City

    You will spend the whole day visiting the botanical garden at Mexico Autonomy University, the wall painting at university town and the volcanic remains.

  • Day 06
    Mexico City - Havana

    You will go to the airport by bus and fly to Havana. Upon arrival, you will have a look at the city and check in the hotel after dinner.

  • Day 07

    Firstly, you will visit the national museum and the Century Banyan Square, where plants tens of tropic banyans at different periods. Then, you will have a look at the Ten Mile Coast Avenue, a coast road of old Havana towards west. It is a main place for the local people to have a walk, talk about love and take entertainment activities. Meanwhile, it serves as a window to get to know the customs and practices of Havana. Later, you will enjoy the Chinese Merit Monument and the Cuba Reform Square. At last, you will have a look at the ancient city, Havana, visiting the most magnificent cathedral built by the Spanish colonist at overseas.

  • Day 08
    Havana/ Vinales Valley/ Havana

    Today, you will head for Vinales Valley to visit the Indian cave, giant pictograph, and the rainforest scene. Lunch will be served at the Jasmine Hotel. In the afternoon, you will return to Havana after visiting the cigar growing facility.

  • Day 09
    Departure from Havana

    Today you will go to the airport by bus and then fly back by the international flight.

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