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Tour Code: WT-Malaysia 03
5 Days Tour of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan

    After arrival in Kuala Lumpur by air, you will fly to Kuantan by the domestic flight. Then you will check in the hotel and relax for the rest of the time. Kuantan, the biggest city of the east coast in Malaysia, is a place full of the beauty of pure and nature. The Cherating Beach is the first choice for tourists who pursue blue sea and white sandy beach.

  • Day 02

    The whole day will be free on your own. Today’s free activities are mainly carried out in the resort village you stay in, and the three meals will also be arranged in the resort. In addition, other than the main restaurant, there are also grillroom and sea food restaurant, you can choose them base on your interest. Besides, you can find all kinds of entertainments here, the water sports such as canoeing, board sailing, and sailing. As for the land sports, there are shooting, squash, tennis, golf, gym, rock climbing, flying trapeze arts, low-level jumping, yoga and so on. In the evening, the brilliant performance will also feast your eyes.

  • Day 03

    You will have a short break after breakfast, and then the yoga courses will be arranged for you. You can experience the process of health preserving yoga brings for you. Then, you can choose to play golf in the golf course, or do some basic exercises, such as swing and stroke. After lunch, you will go to beach to have a walk or take the sailing boat and canoe. Then you can walk back to the hotel along the sea beach in the evening. If you are lucky enough, you could see the scene of marine turtle going ashore to spawning.

  • Day 04

    After breakfast, you can take a walk along the beach, and then take a little train for exclusive use in the village to get to another private beach. There are some water sports---canoe and board sailing, you can also take a rest on the couch along the beach and enjoy the peaceful world. Except for this, you may also take a short trip outside the village to explore the longest river and largest lake of Malaysia by ship; visit the lake which is surrounded by the gigantic log, and appreciate the beauty of thousands of lotus and other tropical plants. At last, you are going to visit aboriginals and watch the primitive hunting approach--- blowing tube, and then enjoy a delightful meal by the lake.

  • Day 05
    Kuantan - Departure from Kuala Lumpur

    There is no activity arranged in the morning and you may make the arrangement on your own after checking out the hotel. In the afternoon, you will go to the airport and fly back to Kuala Lumpur according to the flight schedule and then connect a flight leaving from Malaysia. Here is the end of this leisurely tour of Kuantan.

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