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The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, having a favorable geographic position, seasonal pleasant climate, spectacular views beckon the tourists to luxuriate in the warm sun and saunter along the sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches all the year round.

Tour Code: WT-Tripoli 01
7 Days in Libya to Tripoli, Sabratha, Yefrin, Ghadames, Leptis Magna and Tripoli
Tour Code: WT-Tripoli 02
8 Days in Libya to Tripoli, Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Geryain, Ghadames, Nalut and Tripoli
Tour Code: WT-Tripoli 03
12 Days in Libya to Tripoli, Benghazi, El Beyda, Cyrene, Apollonia, Leptis Magna, Sagratha, Tripoli, Nalut, Ghadames and Tripoli
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Entry Tripoli

    Upon your arrival, check in a local hotel. The rest of the day is free at leisure.

  • Day 02

    Your tour of this beautiful metropolis covers the huge fortress, the National Museum, the old Souk and the Islamic quarters. Then take a fight to Benghazi, and check in a local hotel for a good rest.

  • Day 03
    Benghazi/El Beyda

    View the old town with its artistically designed buildings, and colorful Souk. Benghazi also offers the opportunity to meet and enjoy tea with the Libyan people. An interesting drive along the eastern coast gets you to the small town of El Beyda, which is the best starting point for those exploring the great ruins of Cyrene, Apollonia, and Slonta.

  • Day 04

    This morning visit the World Heritage Site of Cyrene. Explore the famous temples of Zeus and Apollo. After lunch visit incredible Apollonia, which was the port of Cyrene where you will see the majestic Theatre, the Roman baths and the Byzantine palace.

  • Day 05
    El Beyda/Qasr Libya/Benghazi/Tripoli

    A morning drive through Jabel Akhdar gets us to Qasr Libya where we visit an interesting museum. Then head to Ptolemais, the former capital of Pentapolis, where we will observe the remains of palaces, theatres, Bouleterion and a 3rd Century Bridge. Take a flight to Tripoli and check in a local hotel.

  • Day 06
    Tripoli/Leptis Magna/Tripoli

    Visit the renowned World Heritage Site of Leptis Magna located east of Tripoli. Your tour will include the Triumphal Arch, huge Basilica, Forum, Public Baths, Hippodrome, and Amphitheater. Return to Tripoli in the afternoon. 

  • Day 07

    Drive to one of the coastal sites - Sabratha to visit. You will see a majestic collection of public buildings, arenas, temples of Liber Peter, Srapis, Isis, and Hercules.  Drive back to Tripoli.

  • Day 08

    Head south to the Sahara oasis of Ghadames. On the way, stop at Nalut, where you will see the traditional living styles of the locals. After lunch, continue further south towards the arid Saharan Desert.

  • Day 09

    Visit this beautiful sleepy desert town. Here you will see its labyrinthine passages; mud bricked and gaily decorated streets. In the evening you will witness the spectacular desert sunset. Ghadames

  • Day 10

    This morning, proceed to Kabaw village with the old houses mostly in shambles, and all of the inhabitants living in rather anonymous structures. Visit the ghurfas, the grain store built by the locals. Then drive to Tormisa to see the incredible and intact cave structures, visit the pottery market at Gharian before returning to Tripoli.

  • Day 11

    Today is free at leisure for your own arrangement.

  • Day 12
    Exit Tripoli

    Check out the hotel. Get prepared for your departure. Your tour ends here.

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