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Tour Code: WT-Japan 01
5 Days Trip of Tokyo

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Tokyo

    After arriving in Tokyo Narita International Airport, you can take a shuttle bus, cab or tram to the hotel in downtown area. If time permits, the remainder day is free for you to appreciate the city’s charm by yourself

  • Day 02

    After breakfast, you will visit the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, backing against Mount Fuji. The wonderful Lake Ashi in the park is a beautiful lakeside recreation area, and you could roam on the lake and feel the soft breeze by pirate ships. The verdurous lake finely reflects the verdant peak, and the green pines trim in the virid cedar trees, all of which make a pleasant scenery. Then you will visit the Hakone Shrine, which was founded in the 8th century, and it was a famous religious center of the Sumurai. There is towering cedar trees planted near the edge of Lake Ashi and on the roadside of the entrance to the Shrine. Aside the lake, there is an arch-style gate stands. The Shrine holds Water Releasing Community every year on July 31, and on that day, thousands of lanterns floating on the water present an impressive sight. Tonight, you will stay at a hot springs hotel where you could wash away the whole day exhaustion.

  • Day 03

    Today, you will set off for Meiji Jingu. It is located in Shibuya district-the center of Tokyo, which is the largest oasis in the 23 districts of Tokyo with a total area of 712,000 square meters. When you are strolling in the inner courtyard, you will find that you are surrounded with luxuriant and green trees in which wild birds are uttering chattering calls. The Omotesando Hills is also located here, which is designed by the well-known architect Tadao Ando. Being harmonious with the local landscape, the eighty-year-old apartment is reconstructed to be a new remarkable fashion center. Then the tour will be extended to the Roppongi Hills. Since its completion in 2003, Roppongi Hills has immediately become a popular tourist attraction. The design of the buildings here is stylish, and the boutiques sold in the shops are all world-class brands. In addition, the restaurants of world cuisine are available here. You can go to Odaiba in the evening, which is a booming tourism and leisure site. It has a favorable location, on which you can appreciate the splendid vision of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. You can also visit the Odaiba Beach Park and the Science Museum of Ships. Shopping malls, various restaurants, cafes and Sega Rally, etc. also have successively entered in Meiji Jingu, and all of these make it a good choice for leisure.

  • Day 04

    Today, you are free to travel around this city. The Tokyo Tsukiji Seafood Market and some large shopping malls are suggested, in which you will get a better understanding of local life. There are various foods in the market and it is known as "Tokyos Stomach". In addition, it is the largest seafood market in Japan. Before you go to the market, please make sure its Closed Day in case closed doors.

  • Day 05
    Departure from Tokyo

    After one-night rest and breakfast, you can make some relaxing trips. Then you will head for the airport and board on the homeward flight.

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