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Tour Code: WT- India 02
9 Days’ Buddhist Tour of India: Delhi – Varanasi – Bodh Gaya – Kushinagar – Agra

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Delhi

    The guide will meet you at Delhi Airport and then transfer you to check in the hotel in downtown. During the remainder day, you could have a rest and prepare for the following magical Indian Buddhist trip. If time permits, you could also have a visit on the nearby regions of the hotel, enjoying the initial feelings of the Indian.

  • Day 02
    Delhi – Varanasi

    This morning, you will take a flight of Jet Airways India to the Mecca of Indians—Varanasi. After hotel check-in and lunch, you will go to the land of Buddha—Sarnath. It is the place where Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism made Dharmachakra Pravartana (first teaching) after Sakyamuni becoming Buddha, and one of the four Buddhist sacred land of ancient India. The next destinations are the Buddhist relics tower and the Ashoka pillar, the most representative sculpture of Mauryan era. Finally, there is a visit to the Buddhism Museum where you could learn the history and development of Buddhism and India. 

  • Day 03
    Varanasi – Bodh Gaya

    Early in the morning, you will go to the Ganges River to meet the first light. You are going to boating on the Ganges River, put Hindu lotus lamp in the river and learn the traditional custom of the past three thousand years (If you need emery, please bring your own pouch and holy water bottle). The Buddha once described the Ganges River as all living beings here. After visiting the Ganges River, you will have lunch and then drive to the most important destination of this trip—holy Bodhi Gaya. It is also one of the four Buddhist sacred lands and the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Upon arrival, you could visit the Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya. It is the oldest existing temple of Indian subcontinent, and was selected as one of the World Heritage in 2002.

  • Day 04
    Bodh Gaya

    Today, you will visit the Uruvela. It is said that Buddha made ascetic practices here for six years but to no results. Later, after meeting a shepherdess and accepted her ewes milk, he left for Bodh Gaya, attained the enlightenment and became Buddha. After that, you could go to the Cave and bow in worship there. It was once the place the Buddha practiced ascesis. It is said that, when Buddha was practicing, his shadow printed on the wall, so the Cave is also known as "Buddha Shadow Cave." Subsequently, you will visit the Enlightenment Tower and worship around the pagoda, practice Buddhism and sit still to feel how Buddha sermoned and enlightened at that time. At last, you will return to the hotel for dinner and rest.

  • Day 05
    Griddhakuta Hill – Kalandaka Ve?uvana – Nalanda – Vesali – Patna

    You will leave for the Griddhakuta Hill and worship this morning. It is said that this is the holy land where Buddha preached The Lotus Sutra (Saddharma-Pundarika Sutra) and lived for 12 years. Then you could go to the Kalandaka Ve?uvana. It is a famous Buddhist temple of ancient India, and people said the Buddha gave sermons on Avatamsaka Sutrahere here. The following destination is the Nalanda, which was once a major Buddhist center of academic ideology. Upon arrival, you could visit the ruins of ancient Buddhist University. Finally arrive at Patna, the capital of Bihar. In ancient time, it was the capital of Magadha and also the birthplace of the Bhikkhuni sanghas.

  • Day 06
    Patna – Kushinagar – Agra

    A six-hour driving will take you to Vaishali today, a Holy Land where Buddha taught the famous Vimalakirti Sutra. This is also the place where Buddha announced he would gain nirvana, and the place where the second Buddhist Scriptures collection meeting held. Here, you could visit the Vaishali Museum. Then, another two-hour driving will transfer you to the Pataliputra Ruin which has existed for 2,300 years. After arriving in Kushinagar, you will visit the Buddhas Nirvana Site and Nirvana Memorial Hall – the Double Wood Monastery. When the tour ends, you will return to Patna for dinner and then take a night train to Agra.

  • Day 07

    As soon as arriving at Agra, you will go to the Agra Fort by car. The fort, built by three generations of emperors, is totally made of red sandstone, therefore it is also known as the Red Fort. It is a representative work in the Indian Islamic art, and has been listed as a world cultural heritage. After the tour, you are free to visit on your own. You can leisurely stroll in the street of Agra, enjoy the remained medieval style, walk in the narrow streets and jostle each other in the bustling.

  • Day 08
    Agra – Taj Mahal – Delhi

    This morning will be spent in visiting one of the worlds seven wonders — Taj Mahal. Tips: Because there were always some people digging the gemstones out of the wall with sharp tools, now any metal or sharp items are not allowed here. In the afternoon, you will drive to Delhi, and visit the New Delhi area well designed by British When Britain ruled India. You could see the symbol of modern Delhi – Parliament House, which once was the presidential palace of governors mansion When Britain ruled India, and the India Gate, which was built in 1921 and imitated the Arc de Triomphe style. Next, you will come to the Lotus Temple, a Hindu Temple. Finally, you could go to the most representative monuments of Delhi—Qutub Minar, which was built in the thirteenth century. This five-storey stone pagoda has adopted the architectural styles of Hindu Muslim.

  • Day 09
    Departure from India

    After breakfast, the driver will transfer you to the airport to board on your flight. This is the end of the wonderful trip to India.

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