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The Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Netherlands, as its name suggests, is a low-lying country. It is best known for its Cheese, windmills and tulips. If there is one real cheese country in the world, it's the Netherlands. If you want to taste the real original cheese, just come to Netherlands.

Tour Code: WT-Holland 01
7 Days Travel of Holland: Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Nijmegen - Arnhem - Zutphen - Apeldoorn - Groningen - Volendam
Tour Code: WT-Holland 02
12 Days Panoramic Tour of Holland: Amsterdam - Aalsmeer - Ritz - Leiden - Madurodam - Den Haag - Delft - Rotterdam - Utrecht - Tilburg - Eindhoven - Maastricht - Arnhem - Apeldoorn - Leeuwargen - Groningen - Afsluitdijk - Alkmaar - Valendown

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Holland

    Fly to Amsterdam and check in a hotel. Amsterdam is extremely charming in the sunshine and even more in the evening. You may try the classic Dutch style and drink in the bar or just wander in the flower street in Dam Square, the center of the city.

  • Day 02
    Amsterdam - Aalsmeer - Ritz - Leiden

    In the morning, you will go to Aalsmeer located in south of Amsterdam. It is the most famous flower auction in Holland as well as the biggest of that in the world. After enjoying the unique flower auction, you will move to Keukenhof, the worlds largest tulip garden, to appreciate the wonderful tulips. In the afternoon, you will start the historic city tour of Leiden with a stop at the Leiden University, the oldest university in Holland. Hortus botanical garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, and retains the most pure type of tulips. In Leiden, its always a best choice to go for a walk on the canal built along the shore of ancient buildings, especially the one which flows through the national museum of ancient times.

  • Day 03
    Leiden - Madurodam - Den Haag

    This morning you will head to Madurodam, the miniature city of Holland, as well as the smallest city in the whole nation, providing splendiferous ideas to come to understand Holland. Besides, the miniatures of all the places of interest in Holland were built here. After that, you will take a city tour of Den Haag, including Peace Palace, Capitol and the Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery. The Gallery was founded in 1822, and collected world famous works, such as Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer). In the evening, you will move to Scheveningen to enjoy the setting sun or have a try in the Holland Casino.

  • Day 04
    Den Haag - Delft - Rotterdam

    In the morning, you will tour the royal town Delft, which is closely related to Den Haag. Rings of new and old churches leave the town with antique breath. The town is also the world famous Dutch cyan ceramic producers. You will visit the well-known royal porcelain - De Porceleyne Fles, or just enjoy the peace and comfort of the town. In the afternoon, you will travel to Rotterdam, the third biggest city in Holland to look far into the distance of Erasmusbug, pay a visit to the Cube House, and stand 185 meters high having a birds view of the whole city. Then take a bus to the celebrated Kinderdijk and view the 19 unique windmills landscape which have won the world heritage in 1997.

  • Day 05
    Rotterdam - Utrecht

    After breakfast, the bus tour will take you to the Utrecht which is full of strong religious atmosphere. You will walk in the old city, admire the stone streets and canal scenery, and visit the National Museum from Musical Clock to Street Organ and Dome Church, the oldest Gothic architecture in Holland. In the afternoon, you will head to visit the Central Museum and experience the distinct canal, plank road as well as the coffee shops.

  • Day 06
    Utrecht - Tilburg - Eindhoven - Maastricht

    In the morning, you will head to Tilburg to go sightseeing in Efterling, with well-known fairy tale as its theme, always bringing great fun to people. Then move on to see Phillips Factory Site in Eindhoven. In the evening, you will travel to Maastricht to enjoy the city tour of the old walls, Church of Our Lady, etc.

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