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Tour Code: WT-Argentina 01
19 Days In-depth Tour of South America: Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Peru Departure: Daily

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 11
    Tierra del Fuego

    The morning tour will take you to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is located at the south most part of the world, with snowy peak, mountain range and forest scattered in it. The strew sheds of the old style Indians are available here and there, and the polar scenery will entrance you to death. Then you will visit the downtown of the Tierra del Fuego city, the south most bank - bank of Tierra del Fuego, the south most post office and the market of handicraft.

  • Day 12
    Tierra del Fuegot - Buenos Aires

    You will continue your trip in Tierra del Fuego today and then take an afternoon flight to Buenos Aires. After arriving there, you will check and stay in a hotel.

  • Day 13
    Buenos Aires - Lima - CUSCO

    You will fly to Cusco by way of Lima. If time enough upon your arrival, you will have a chance to visit Coricancha, Central Square, Grand Cathedral, Holy Water Palace and the important military fortress of the Incan Emperor period. In the process of building this fortress, more than 30,000 workers had worked for 80 years to complete this town, which is still amazing until today.

  • Day 14
    Cusco - MachuPicchu - Cusco

    After 2.5 hours’ bus and 1.5 hours’ train, you will reach the MachuPicchu site of the Inca Emperor, one of the Seven World Wonders. This ancient city is sited on the cliff with couple of areas, including cemetery, prison, living quarters and temple area. They are all constructed by original barnacles and the refined workmanship presents the prosperous period of the ancient Inca Emperor. We’ve got 150 female skeleton unearthed, which were used as oblations to consecrate to Apollo. Therefore, the city is listed as one of the World Ten Cultural Mysteries. In the afternoon, you will return to Cusco Hotel by train.

  • Day 15
    Cusco – Lima

    Today, you will take a flight to Lima. Upon arrival, you will trip to the old downtown, which still keep the Spanish construction style, including Saint Martin Square, Weapon Square and Presidential Palace. Then you can visit some beach spots: Amour Park, Land Picture Park, Sea Rose and Incan folk handicraft market.

  • Day 16
    Lima - Santiago

    You will take a bus to Nascar - a south coastal city of Peru. On the way, you can enjoy a sight of the desert view and Pacific scene. After arriving at Pisco, you can choose to visit the world wonder of Nazca land drawings by small plane (at your own cost, air tickets to Nasca: 190 dollars per person), then back to Lima. After the visit, you will take a flight to Santiago and transfer to a hotel.

  • Day 17

    You will tour to Valparaiso, the most beautiful city along the Pacific Coast, which is consisted of pretty gulfs and outspread mountains. Then you will go to visit the famous spot viña del mar with a good reputation as “Ocean of Vineyard” and “City of Garden” for many vast gardens along the Pacific coast and within the city. The afternoon tour will take you to visit Seals, Easter Island, The Flower Clock, Harbor and Navy Monument.

  • Day 18
    Santiago - Buenos Aires

    You will travel to the City Hall of Santiago, Igreja de Sao Francisco and central bank built in epoch of Spanish Colony and the Saint Crystal mountains, on which there is a sculpture of The Virgin Mary. On the top of the mountain, you can view the continuous peaks of the Andes Mountains. In the evening, you will fly to Buenos Aires.

  • Day 19
    Departure from Buenos Aires

    After breakfast, you will transfer to the international airport and say goodbye to this trip.Next Page: Day01 - Day 10

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