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Tour Code: WT - Cambodia 05
3 Days Siem Reap

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Siem Reap

    Our specialized Siem Reap tour guide will meet you at the hall of the hotel you booked personally. Now your 3 days' Cambodia tour begins. First, we will drive you to the Angkor Ruins and buy the three-day ticket. The Angkor Thom Complex is right in front of your eyes. Before you step into the South Gate, you can see the busts on each side of the bridge having an exciting debate. The two sides represent the Gods and Asuras respectively, and this is the famous Hindu mythology "Churning of the Ocean of Milk". Our guide will accompany you to the center, and you may find the Bayon Temple, known for "the Khmer Simile" carved on the top of the pagoda. The bas-reliefs on the wall of corridors are also worth having a look. The whole temple was built into three stories with the lower two stories are square while the top one is circular. Afterwards, we will lead you to visit the Baphuon Temple, Phimeanakas, the Terrace of the Elephant, as well as the Terrace of the Leper King.

    Later, we will get out from the Victory Gate and move to the Ta Kao Temple. Then the guide will take you to the Prasat Krava. It’s a temple renowned for the delicate carvings on the walls, which take Vishnu as the theme. Continue to the Angkor Wat, the largest and best-preserved architecture in Angkor Ruins. As a main Buddhist shrine in Southeast Asia, Angkor Wat, known for its exquisite bas-reliefs, is the symbol of Cambodia. Angkor Wat, together with the Great Wall in China, the Borobudur in Indonesia and the Great Stupa of Sanchi in India, are regarded as Four Wonders of the Orient. Afterwards, we will take you to Bakheng Temple to have a panoramic view of the Angkor Ruins under the sunset, which would be a memorable moment during your 3 days Cambodia Siem Reap tour. After that, we will send you back to the hotel.

    Meals: Lunch

  • Day 02
    Siem Reap

    Weather permitting, we will take you to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat in the early morning if you wish to. Our guide will take you to get there early to find a good position on the bank of the lotus pool for a better view. After that, we will visit Preah Kahn Temple. Then we will transfer you to the Neak Pean, a pool used to cure people in the ancient times. When you finish visiting, we'll proceed to visit the Ta Som and Pre Rup Temples.

    After that, our guide will lead you to visit Srah Srang, the place for the royal members to take bath. Then, the guide will lead you to a Buddhist temple, Banteay Kdei. After spending a leisure time there, we will take you to explore in a vibrant temple, Ta Prohm standing in the thick trees. The sunlight dapples through the leaves, making people feel quite comfortable. We will send you back to your hotel after wandering a while in the Ta Prohm.

    Meals: Lunch

  • Day 03
    Siem Reap

    Today we will have a long journey. Our guide will lead you to the Banteay Samre, a quiet temple with various bas-reliefs. Then, the driver will take you to the Banteay Srei with the unique building style, known as "the diamond of Angkor art". You may appreciate the numerous exquisite bas-reliefs of the characters in the Hindu mythology there.

    We will head for a temple in the style of the Angkor Wat as the next stop. Beng Mealea is a Hindu temple which built with the sandstone. It's hard to repair the whole site, while the present appearance makes this temple more distinctive. It would be a leisure time to stroll in this temple with the strong trees and the moss.

    The 3 days Siem Reap tour package end this afternoon and it's time to say goodbye. We will escort you back to your hotel. If you want to extend your exploration in Cambodia, we are glad to give you more guided private tours.

    Meals: Lunch

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