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Tour Code: WT-Argentina 01
19 Days In-depth Tour of South America: Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Peru

Departure: Daily
  • Itinerary

    Day by Day
  • Day 01
    Arrival in Sao Paulo

    Upon arrival in Sao Paulo, a famous city in Brazil by air, you will transfer to check in the hotel and relax for the rest of the day.

  • Day 02
    Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro

    This morning, you will appreciate the first church in Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Cathedral from the outside. Then you are going to visit the oriental immigration mall - Liberdade, Pioneer Sculpture and Revolution Monument. After that, you can have a walk in the IPIRABUERA Royal Park, a visit to the Latin America Parliament House and JPIRANCA Royal Museum. In the afternoon, you will take a flight to Rio de Janeiro and have a rest in the hotel. In the evening, you may choose to watch a samba show at your own expense.

  • Day 03
    Rio de Janeiro - Manaos

    You will take a bus to the symbol of Rio de Janeiro - Jesus Mountain, on which there is a sculpture of Jesus Christ in memory of success of Brazilian Independence Movement, and from which you can overlook the Nitaroy crossing-sea bridge in the 16 kilometers away. In the afternoon, you will go to the seashore avenue, monument of the WWII martyrs, and the world famous Copacabana Beach to enjoy the blue sky, white clouds as well as the coconut trees and listen to the rhythm of the sea. Then you will take an evening flight to Manaos.

  • Day 04
    Manaos (Amazon)

    You will start the day by paddling boat along the Amazon River, in which you can get the appearance of the Manaos beach and appreciate the wonderful scene of the black and white waters’ union. As you will pass through the silent wooden bridge, the royal lotus in the devil mire will be available. At noon, a buffet dinner will be provided in the waterfront restaurant opened by the Indians and a visit to the Indian jungle house will also be arranged. If you are luck to encounter the rain season when the water level is higher than usual, you can adventure into the tropical forest by a boat, passing through the deepest forest and experiencing the original nature. Then return in the afternoon.

  • Day 05
    Manaos - Foz Do Iguacu

    After paying a visit to the old style building of a trade market, you will proceed to the Centenary Grand Theatre, also called Amazon Opera House, a art palace in the centre of the jungle. And all the construction materials are imported as the white marbles from Italy, iron props from England and the polished logs from France, which witness the prosperous period of rubber trade. Then come to the special drifting dock which doesn’t build on the bank of the river but floating on the river like a giant ship. It is said that this one is the largest drifting dock in the world. Finally, you will take the afternoon flight to Foz Do Iguacu and check in a hotel.

  • Day 06
    Foz Do Iguacu

    Today, you will first have a visit to one of the three largest waterfalls, Foz Do Iguacu Waterfall group, which is consist of 275 waterfalls. With biggest width, it’s located in the board of Argentina and Brazil. In 1984, it is listed as the World Natural Heritage by the UNESCO. In the afternoon, you will view the world biggest hydropower station - Itaipu Binacional, the world highest bridge - Brazil and Paraguay friendship bridge, and overlook the Ciudad del Este city in the opposite of the river.

  • Day 07
    Foz Do Iguacu - Buenos Aires

    After flying to Buenos Aires, you will tour the seven-nine Avenue, Song grand theatre (outside), Independent Memorial Tablet, Parliament Square, Capital Cathedral (outside), The Presidential Palace (Rose Palace), Puerto Madero(new harbor),and so on. Then you will return to the hotel to rest.

  • Day 08
    Buenos Aires

    You will leave for Tiger Delta, a famous scenic spot in Buenos Aires. On the way there, you will have a good view of the high ranking fashionable neighborhood and enjoy the quiet but beautiful bank scenery of the Río de la Plata. As you arrive at the Tiger Delta, a private yacht will take you to travel among the well arranged vocation villa, where is full of personal boat. You can have a good taste of the special view of the Parana River delta area, also named as “Latin America’s Venice”. In the afternoon, you will pay a visit to the Saint Martin Square, where you can enjoy the cityscape of the so-called “Latin America’s Paris” - Buenos Aires, look around the monument to revolutionary martyrs in Malvinas and an old street in Retiro to taste the unique culture and history of Argentina.

  • Day 09
    Buenos Aires - Large glaciers

    Today, you will fly to large glaciers and rest at a hotel upon arrival.

  • Day 10
    El Calafate - Tierra del Fuego

    Today’s tour will begin with the visit of the Large Glacier National Park, which consists of 47 different sized glaciers. The most famous one is among the world first three large glaciers - PERITO MORENO, which will give you a wonderful eye feast. You can take the MORENO FIESTA sightseeing boat at your own cost to enjoy the splendid glacier view at the closest place of the lake. At night, you will fly to Tierra del Fuego and then stay in a hotel.Next Page: Day 11 - Day 19

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