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Our Clients' Testimonials

The following feedback and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled China with us. WarriorTours.com Team is grateful for the permission of the following guests to publish their comments and some clients' contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with your questions or comments, or you can email us and we put you in touch. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

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Client's information:

  • Name: Ms Leane K Gooding, Mr. Terrance L Gooding & Ms. Karlie K Gooding
  • From: Croydon, Australia
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 7-Day Tour of Beijing/ Xi’an/Beijing

Hi Sally
We arrived back in Melbourne today, we have had a wonderful holiday. We particularly enjoyed our stay in China with Karlie we felt that the tour was extremely well organised and as we expressed in our questionnaires we were very impressed with your organisation and would definately use your company again if the need arises(and would recommend you to all our friends).

We were truly shown a great time and we were very impressed with our tour guide in Xian, she understood our needs. Our guide in Xian was fantastic and accommodated our needs. Whilst your guides are incredibly well learned, sometimes we just wanted to look at the sights and not be bombarded with facts -she was aware of this!

All in all this tour was a life changing experience and we thank you very much.

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Mark D'Addio
  • From: American
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 22-Day China Tours of Beijing/ Lhasa/ Xi’an/ Chongqing/ Yangtze River/ Wuhan/ Shanghai/ Lijiang/ Kunming/ Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin/ Hong Kong


We apologize for not saying good bye when we left the cruise. I saw you outside our car window as we drove off. We appreciate all the assistance that you gave use during our travels in China.

Our trip to China went very well thanks in part to your organization and the tour guides that you had for each city. Our flight change out of Tibet was not an inconvenience and we were able to see all the sights on the itinerary. All our tour guides were great, some were outstanding. Yang Qing our tour guide in Lhasa was very knowledgably about the local culture and she was able to work our schedule were we would see everything even though we had to leave early. Our tour guide in Xian, Zhangjing (Susan) was very patient and knowledgeable of Xian was great. (Karen), our tour guide for Wuhan was also great. She had a very good personality and had always had a smile on her face. I would recommend using her services in the future for any tourist going to Wuhan. Here English was very good and she was able to answer many of our questions about local the local culture and sights. Yang Kong (Tori) our tour guide for Lijiang was also fantastic. Her knowledge of the area was great. She was very patient and friendly. In the city of Guilin, our tour guide was Zeng Xiao Wen (Holly). Her services were fantastic. Here English was very good, so she was able to answer many complicated questions. She had many suggestions for our time in Guilin. Her customer care was very, very good.

I hope the above comments are helpful. Jennifer and I in the near future would like to do the Silk Road and have noticed that your company does the tour.

Again, we appreciate all the help you gave us on our tour through China.

Mark and Jennifer

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Eugenia Anne Medyski & Ms. Elizabeth June Messmer
  • From: Canadian
  • Itinerary: 10-Day tour of Shanghai/ Chongqing/ Yangtze Cruise River/ Wuhan/ Shanghai

We have been home for a week now and are still in awe of our wonderful trip to China.We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our experience and want to thank you for the excellent job you did in preparing everything for us. We really felt that we were given V.I.P. treatment everywhere we went. Our guides, Xin in Shanghai, Nancy in Chongqing and Phyllis in Wuhan were delightful and obviously very proud of their cities and passing on their enthusiasm to us. They were also very knowledgeable, ensuring that we were comfortable and well looked after. The hotel room in Shanghai was very comfortable with all the modern amenities one would expect in a good hotel and an added bonus of being in walking distance to the Bund. The Cruise down the Yangtze on board the China Regal cruise ship was wonderful - all the crew were very proficient and accommodating - an experience that we will never forget. All in all, I am very impressed with the way that you handled the few changes that had to be made to our original itinerary, the fact that we were met at all the airports and escorted to our hotels, your selection of guides and drivers in each city. I certainly do not hesitate to recommend your services and have already done so to my friends who are interested in travelling to China. We are thinking of another trip to China next year, perhaps to Beijing and Xian so, look forward to having you arrange that for us as well, once we have made a decision.

Eugenia Medynski

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. and Ms. Bosqued
  • From: French
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 13-Day China Tour of Beijing/ Xian/ Chongqing/ Yangtze River Cruise/ Wuhan/ Shanghai/ Suzhou/ Shanghai

Dear Warriortours staff,

Back to France after our 2-week wonderful tour in your marvelous country, we would like to thank you for your excellent and really professional organization and services. We are really glad you arranged so perfectly our individual tour, directly in China. Our first and most sincere acknowledgments are for Ms. Sally Si(Warriortours staff in Xian) who organized so friendly and perfectly our tour, and answered all our E-mails so quickly. We would like also to transmit our best regards to your staff members who received us (on Sunday!) in their office during our visit in Xian.

All of our guides were french-speaking guides and we would like to thanks Warriorstours for providing so thoughtful attention to us, french tourists. We add all of them were perfect and so kind, very fluent in french, really efficient and we learned us a lot of interesting information or anecdotal insights about dynasties paving the complex imperial China? history. We are grateful to them, Ms. FanFan and Ms.Liu Fang in Beijing, Mrs FanFan and Zhang in Xi. Brigitte and Cui Xin Jing in Shanghai, and Mr. Qu in Suzhou. We thank Mr. Hu Zuo Qiang in Chonqing and Mrs. Qu Ping in Wuhan for their ability to manage short transfers and changes in the program induced by delayed flights (or boat) in Chonqing and Wuhan.
We add a special mention for Mr FanFanXi? And we really appreciated her comments during the Terracotta Warriors, Forest of Stone Steles, Great Mosque and museum visits. She enlivened our car transfers with anecdotes about the life of Empress Wu ZeTian. Our guides have done a wonderful job, they love France and french culture, and we hope more French tourists will visit China and highlight their competence.

All the cars (or minivans) were in perfect state, and all our drivers were perfectly courteous and professional and, in spite of a charged traffic, everywhere skillfully drove us in secure conditions.

Our Yangtze River cruise on the very comfortable Princess Sheena boat was outstanding and will remain an unforgettable souvenir. We were the unique French among 14 individual foreign travelers (on a total of 50 non-Chinese passengers), but we received all during the cruise a personal, courteous and delightful attention from all the ship staff. Excursions, specially the Shennong Stream cruise and the visit to the Pharaonic 3-Gorge dam, were very enjoyable.

We make some minor comments concerning the detailed organization. The chosen hotels (3 or 4 stars) were all very comfortable and breakfast buffets were great. We especially enjoyed two evening events, the performance of Opera in Beijing and Acrobatic Show in Shanghai, but less the too tourist Dynasty show in Xian , except the great Panpan pipes player. We also enjoyed most of the restaurants, even if most of the lunch meals were served in the tourist restaurants, fortunately not overcrowded at that time (3-14 March). On an other hand the set up individual program (with many free dinners) offered us the opportunity to taste by ourselves the local delicious???cuisine?served by chinese restaurants.

So, we greatly enjoyed our tour and, above all, your so dynamic country impressed us, as well as your lovely people that, without forgetting its millennial culture, construct the future China. We would certainly recommend your reputed services to anyone wishing to visit your beautiful country

Many thanks again for everything

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Ken Downey
  • From: American
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 10-Day Tours of Beijing/ Shengyang/ Beijing

Im back from my trip and am happy to report that everything went smoothly. My guides were both very good, David in Beijing makes you feel like he is happy to be with you. He went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable, even spending many hours with me at the Beijing airport so I would not be alone. This I feel is going above expectations. I will certainly use your service again and also suggest it to others.

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Susan Lynn Nitsch
  • From: American
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 5-Day Xian Travel of Xian/ Guilin

Dear Warrior Tours,

I am glad that I can comment about my tour. The Xian tour was very very professional. Dragon was an excellent choice for a guide and the driver (I dont remember his name) was very good as well. Dragon was so kind to have lent me his wifes jacket as I didnt realize how cold it would be there. I am grateful to him. Again I cannot express enough about how wonderful he was. He continues to educate himself in order to better serve the tourists. I truly enjoyed him.

So, in closing, I would recommend your company for tours.

Susan Nitsch

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