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Our Clients' Testimonials

The following feedback and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled China with us. WarriorTours.com Team is grateful for the permission of the following guests to publish their comments and some clients' contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with your questions or comments, or you can email us and we put you in touch. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

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Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Greg Schipper
  • From: California, USA
  • Email:
  • Itinerary: 22-Day China Tour of Beijing/ Lhasa/Xian/ Chongqing/ Yangtze River Cruise/Wuhan/ Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin/ Shanghai

Dear Vicky,

Thanks for checking in with us to get our feedback.

We are safe and sound back home and want to thank you and your team of people for showing us a great time on our China trip.

Having traveled independently through about 40 countries in my life it was quite unusual for me to utilize the services of your company.

When I look back I realize, there is no way we would have been able to see, experience and learn as much as we did without your help.

Our guides were great, the drivers were great and with only a few minor exceptions everything was flawless.

Highlights included the Portman Acrobat Show, Yangshou, Guilin, Beijing with all its history and culture, The Four Seasons in Shanghai, the monasteries in Tibet (too bad the monks and Dali Lama got pushed out, but hopefully that will continue to improve) etc etc.

What would I change? Prime Hotel (not 5 star by western standards), Lhasa Hotel (not 4 star by any standards and poor location), a boat on the Li River that wasn't part of a convoy all leaving at once.

All in all a great trip and we would like to thank everyone who played a role in making it happen.

Greg, Denise & Aubrey

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Jeffrey Wegweiser & Ms. Linda P Wegweiser
  • From: Florida, USA
  • Itinerary: 19-Day China Tours of Beijing/ Lhasa/ Xi'an/ Kunming/ Lijiang/ Kunming/ Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin/ Hong Kong

We were very happy with our tour. Most of the arrangements were very good to excellent.
we are home now recovering from our long journey.
The hotel and guide in Beijing were excellent. In Lhasa the hotel was only fair. There was no heat at night. The guide was very nice but he had a cold and his personal hygiene could have been better. It would also help if you could advise all your clients as to what type of weather conditions they may expect so the proper clothing for each location is brought. We needed warmer clothes in Tibet and lighter clothes in Guilin. Lijiang was very scenic but 2 days would have been enough. The hotel was very nice. The hotels in Xi'an, Guilin, and Hong Kong were all excellent. Our overall impression of your company is very positive. We were met and seen off at each airport which made traveling in China very easy.
Thank you for a job well done.
Jeff and Linda Wegweiser

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Mark W Brant & Ms. Madeleine A Brant
  • From: QLD, AU
  • Itinerary: 6- Day Yangtze Cruise of Wuhan/ Chongqing

Dear Sarah, Molly, Vicky & Jessica

Thankyou for helping us organize our holiday in China.
Through your company we booked 4 hotels, a Yangtze river cruise and an overnight train.

The hotels in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Kunming were all very comfortable with friendly and efficient staff, good location and great value. The New Era hotel in Kunming was outstanding in location and service.

The Yangtze river cruise with China Regal cruises was unforgetable and first rate. The staff onboard the Princess Elaine could not have been more friendly and helpful.

Our holiday in China was a memorable one and your company helped ensure that it went according to plan with no problems or hickups.

Mark & Madeleine Brant

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Don Richard Schaetzel & Ms. Mary Margaret Illies
  • From: Washington, USA
  • Itinerary: 12-days Small Group tour of Beijin/ Xian/ Chongqing/ Yangtze River Cruise/ Wuhan/ Shanghai

Dear Sally,

I have been meaning to write you and let you know what an absolutely wonderful time my wife and I had on our recent tour of China. The sights, the people and the culture were all wonderful to see and experience.

Your tour is very organized and run very smoothly. The hotels were very nice, the food excellent and the tour guides were great. It is nice to be on vacaction and not have to worry about any arrangements. Rose in Beijing and Echo in Xi’an are to be especially commended. They took very good care of us; they have a wealth of information to share with us and were fun to be with.

I know that a few people in our group were a bit angry about the bus delay from Chongqing to Fengdu to catch the boat down the Yantgze, however it was a blessing in disguise for two of us couples. Instead of getting angry we decided to take advantage of the situation and experience China more closely. Below us there were thousands of people line dancing in the public square. We went down to watch first hand and than join in with the people and also danced. We were not the best dancers and people were laughing at our attempts and we were laughing at ourselves. It actually turned out to be one of our more memorable moments on the trip (we were experiencing some of Chinese culture first hand instead of being on the outside looking in).

I would not hesitate for one moment in recommending this trip to others. We may, in the future, look to your services for other tours in China.

Now to answers your questions:

1) I would have like to have a little more time in the Forbidden City to see some the side buildings, assuming they are open to the public. Since I love the outdoors so much, I would have rather spent less time at the Temple of Heaven and more time either walking it’s wonderful grounds or taking time to walk the gardens at the Summer Palace.

2) We always had plenty of water waiting us on our tour buses. No problem there.

3) We enjoyed the jade factory and the silk factories. Towards the end of the trip most everyone was tired of shopping and so wanted to see less of shopping districts. Although at the very end of the trip we did enjoy “Old Shanghai” and the silk cocoon factory. We did not like the painting lesson at the Chongqing Zoo; it seemed more to get us in to shop than real painting education. Would have rather spent that time seeing other creatures in the zoo. The giant and red panda’s were great.

4) Meals were all good. The best meal was our lunch after visiting the Great Wall. It was fabulous. It may be a good idea; at mid-point through the trip to find a dinner place that serves some other ethnic food like Italian, Indian or western food. Having both Chinese lunch and dinner day in and day out, although very good, got a little old. We did have Mexican food in Chongqing, which was a delight.

5) Guides were all very good, as stated above, but we loved Rose and Echo.

6) The buses were all very clean and comfortable.

7) A few last comments. I think everyone in our group agreed that we would have rather seen an acrobatic troupe versus the traditional Chinese song and dance show.

Thanks again for the wonderful tour that was arranged for us!

Dick Schaetzel and Mary Illies

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. O’Carroll Joseph Robert
  • From: South Africia
  • Itinerary: 6 day tour of Xi'an/ Beijing

Nancy, I have to commend you for putting together a fantastic tour, for using excellent hotels, and for seeing that we enjoyed good food at interesting restaurants.
And I would very much appreciate your telling your boss that Susan is an extremely capable young lady who assisted us greatly in enjoying your country.
As my travel agent here has no one in China to assist them with reservations and tours, and as China is becoming popular, I am recommending you to them with the highest status possible.
Thank you once again for your assistance. Everything went off smoothly and it was a great success.

I will keep your details in order to contact you when we next send staff to China.

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Bertold W L & Ms. Berta L
  • From: Western Australia, AU
  • Itinerary: 7-Day China Travel of Guilin/ Longsheng/ Sanjiang/ Yangshuo/ Guilin

Hi Andy

This is just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed our Guilin tour. What a remarkable place. The scenery is outstanding, the people very friendly. Our Guide Jesse & driver were exellent. Everything was spot on. We knew it was going to be great, however pictures never do it justice. The real thing is always more impressive. We also enjoyed our visit to the villages and rice terraces.

We will be on business in Shanghai in September and we are planning a short holiday after- maybe a trip down the Yangzee. I will be in touch once I have my dates finalized and discuss our plans with you

In the meantime many thanks for your prompt and friendly service

Best Regards Bert Lozey

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