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Our Clients' Testimonials

The following feedback and reviews are from our valued clients who traveled China with us. WarriorTours.com Team is grateful for the permission of the following guests to publish their comments and some clients' contact information. Please feel free to contact them directly with your questions or comments, or you can email us and we put you in touch. Our sales team wishes you have a good time with our honest and personalized services.

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Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Benjamin Edward Turk and Ms. Samantha Foster
  • From: Culver City, CA, US
  • Itinerary: 17-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Lhasa - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Dingri - the Everest Base Camp -Dingri- Shigatse
    - Lhasa-Chongqing-Guilin- HongKong


The service in Beijing was of high quality. From the moment we were picked up at the airport until every day's relaxed tour, we were really enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed our trip to Tibet and thought our guide (Vrgen) was very knowledagable about Tibet. The hotel were good and the food outside the hotel are better.

In general, we thought the tour was well organized and both the guide and driver were very good. We would recommend your company to other people touring in China

Thank you,

Ben Turk

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. Ryan Huddleston and Mr. Mark Huddleston
  • From: Dripping Springs,Texas, US
  • Itinerary: 13-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Lhasa - Xian - Shanghai -
    Huangshan - Shanghai

Dear Cynthia

I want to thank you for a great trip. Everything was excellent, and there were no problems with any of our arrangements. We were met at each location on time and the guides all made sure we made our connections to our next destination.

The meals were all very good. The best was the Beijing Duck dinner. The dumplings in Xian will also always be remembered. All the guides spoke excellent english, and there no communication problems. The guides all seemed to enjoy their job, and went beyond just explaining the basic sites. All the guides should be commended.

The cars were all fine, and I am glad I wasn't driving. Traffic is quite different than in the USA. If I return to China I would not hesitate in using your services, and I would highly recommend your company to any one visiting China.

The trip was beyond my expections!! Thanks again for the service.

--Mark and Ryan

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Joanna Louise Griffiths and Mr. David Ross Gibb
  • From: Thornlie, Western Australia, AU
  • Itinerary: 5-Day Standard Tours of Shanghai - Xian - Beijing

Good afternoon, how are you?

Thank you very much for organising the tour for us, we had a fantastic time, an experience we will never forget.

Meals arranged were great. The one meal that I would recommend although not part of the tour was the one we had in Xi'an at the local Theatre, it was a dumpling dinner. The food was just exceptional. I only wish I got a chance to try them all, as I was pretty full by the third round of dumplings. The dinner and show were recommended by Lily our tour guide and we are so glad she did. All meals were great, although we found it a little off-putting by people smoking in the restaurant.

All of the guides havd great English and were brilliant. They knew a lot about all the places we visited. The car is clean.

On the night of departure our plane left at midnight, yet we arrived at the airport around 8pm. It would have been nice to drive around and see some sights or do something instead of sitting at the airport. I know this wasn't part of the tour but it would have been nice.

Overall we had a brilliant time, and it was great not having to stress about where we were going, how we were going to get there etc. Everything was well planned and we will definitely use your company again.

Kind regards,

Joanna Griffiths

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. David Collins & Ms. Teresa Collins
  • From: Wellington, NZ
  • Itinerary: 6-Day Beijing Travel

Dear Maggie,

My wife and I returned yesterday from a remarkable trip to Beijing.

I wanted to record our deep appreciation to your company, and in particular your guide Hua Rong. Mr Hua was an extraordinary guide. His command of English was exceptional. His knowledge of the sites that we visited in Beijing was extraordinary and throughout the time we spent in Beijing he was a delightful and enthusiastic guide.

Your company should be extremely proud of the service provided by Mr Hua. With guides of his calibre your company is bound to enjoy remarkable success.

Yours sincerely

David Collins

Client's information:

  • Name: Mr. De Yu Zang, Ms. Ya Zhen Zhu and Ms. Ji-Lan Zang
  • From: Irvine,CA, US
  • Itinerary: 11-Day Budget Tours of Urumqi - Kashgar - Urumqi - Turpan - Dunhuang - Xian

Dear Judy,

Sorry for late reply. There has been a lot of work to do after a long vacation.

We had a wonderful trip. It was the greatest and most enjoyable trip we ever had, thank you so much.

Except the ticket problem in Kashgar (which was mainly airport fault), everything else was smooth and we were quite satisfied.

We hope we can make another similar trip in two years.

Please send our great appreciation to our tour guides (we have Ms. Liu's mail address but not other's) and drivers for their warm hearts and great services. I will send a "thank you" note to them individually if I have their addresses. We wish them the best and hope meeting them again in the future.

Thank you

De Yu

Client's information:

  • Name: Ms. Catherine Ann Muir and
  • From: Baltimore, MD, US
  • Itinerary: 7-Day Budget Tours of Beijing -Xian - Shanghai


Here are my comments to the following:

The lunch in Xian on Friday the 3rd was very good.

Both guides were exceptional. The English of the guides was very good. The knowledge of the locals and history of them was very impressive by both guides. I learned a lot from them.

The Drivers in both cities were professional and courteous. The cars were in very good condition and were very clean.

I felt taken care of throughout the trip and there was a seamless transition from one to the other.

Thank you very much for a memorable experience. I will definitely keep your services in mind for future adventures.

Warm regards.

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