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WT-Tanzania 01:10 Days Safari Tour of Tanzania: Arusha - Tarangire National Park - Manyara - Ngorongoro - Olduvai - Serengeti - Kirawira - Grumet - Lake Victoria
  • Day
    Arrival in Tanzania

    Upon arrival in Arusha, the capital of Tanzania in the morning, you will transfer to Tarangire Holiday Village for a good rest. In the afternoon you will tour around Tarangire National Park. For you just have a long journey here, today’s visit time will not last that long. You will have a brief and fresh tour inside the park under the tour guide’s lead. Then go back to your place to have a good rest.

  • Day
    Tarangire National Park

    In Tarangire National Park there is some Tanzania’s most dense elephant population; among its thin vegetation scatter baobab trees and wattles, which makes it a zone both charming and special. Before the rain season comes, large flocks of gazelles, wildebeests, zebras and giraffes migrate to the bush plain here in the park. The bush plain is the only one pasture remained. There you can have the distinctive sight of wild life in Tanzania. Take your time, for the whole day will be touring in the park.

  • Day
    Tarangire - Manyara

    Drive to Manyara in the morning. Upon arrival at Manyara Serena Lodge, you will enjoy lunch. In the afternoon you are going to visit the Manyara Lake National Park. In Manyara you can watch animals intensively, for it is the virtual miniature scenic spot of Tanzanians’ wild animals’ zoo. Manyara Lake is even more fantastic as once highly praised by Hemingway as “the loveliest place in Africa”.

  • Day
    Village Tour - Ngorongoro

    In the morning you will walk to visit the local markets and banana farms in villages of Great Rift Valley. Meanwhile you can also get a better understanding of customs and culture of the locals. In the afternoon you will ride to the tourist district in Ngorongoro.

  • Day
    Ngorongoro National Park

    This morning, you will go to tour Ngorongoro National Park. It’s a compound of varied terrains like prairie, forest, hills, lakes, and marshes, seen as a concentration site for all kinds of animals to settle. Then you are going to explore the mysterious primitive tribes of Masai and return in the afternoon.

  • Day
    Ngorongoro - Olduvai - Serengeti

    Today you will leave the Holiday District for Serengeti. Along the way you will stay for a visit of Olduvai Gorge. It is situated in the middle of Serengeti and Crater of Ngrongoro Volcano, 42 km away from the Crater. Olduvai Gorge is an ancient lake site beside a huge ground pit. As “the cradle of humans”, it is famous for discovery of ancient human footprints 3.6 milliom years ago. Moreover, ancient fossils of millions of years ago have been found here, such as fossils of prehistoric elephants, big-horn sheep and ostriches, etc. After the trip, you will head for Serengeti and visit the Masai village on the way.

  • Day
    Serengeti Fire Balloon Trip

    You will have a fire balloon trip to see Serengeti from the sky. In the afternoon you will enter Serengeti National Park. As the most well-known national park in Tanzania, the Park is a huge ecological system, bearing more than 3 million large-size mammals. The vegetation mostly belongs to vast open prairie plants. But at extreme dry seasons the whole area almost all turns to desert. You will go on your trip in the park till sunset.

  • Day

    First you will get to Western Corridor of the Serengeti Park by bus and then head to Kirawira. The afternoon will be spent here for a hiking and hunting adventure.

  • Day
    Lake Victoria

    After breakfast, you will continue your trip in Kirawira. Next you will go to see Lake Victoria in Nyatuali. Lake Victory is the largest lake in Africa, and the second largest fresh water lake in the world. Inside Lake District you will be arranged a series of sightseeing activities. After the visit, you will get back to your camp.

  • Day
    Departure from Tanzania

    The morning tour will start from Grumet and then you will take a flight back to the capital Arusha. After arrival you will enjoy the rich lunch and rest for a while. At last you will transfer to the airport and fly back home.