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WT-South Africa 05:8 Days Tour of South Africa:Johannesburg - Cape Town - Sun City
  • Day
    Arrival in South Africa

    After arrival in Johannesburg, the largest city and economic center of South Africa, you will transfer to check in the hotel. Then you may choose to have a rest at hotel or tour around nearby on your own.

  • Day

    The whole day will spend in Johannesburg. First you are going to visit Gold Reef City. In the park you can enjoy local traditional dance show, watch the gold-melting process and see how the gold is mined by taking a crane down to mine spot that is 220 meters beneath the ground. The rest time is free for your own plan and you can tour around this charming city.

  • Day
    Johannesburg - Cape Town

    In the morning you will take a flight at Johannesburg Airport and head for Cape Town, the second largest city and also legislative capital of South Africa. After arrival, you will check in a hotel and then take a tour of Green Point Stadium, which is the main football ground for 2010 World Cup in Cape. The stadium is reputed by Danny Jordaan, president of the Organizing Committee for World Cup in South Africa, as one of the three most fantastic football grounds in the world.

  • Day
    Cape Town

    Cape Town enjoys the fame as “Mother of cities in South Africa”. Due to its natural and geographical beauty, Cape Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities around the world, and becomes one charming tourist resort in South Africa. At first you will head to Table Mountain by two-way cable car. Table Mountain refers to “a cape city”. It’s mesa with a table-flat top, rare in South Africa; on it you can embrace Capetown City, overlooking the whole busy shipping work at the sea port and appreciating ocean sceneries with all into your sight. Table Mountain Natural Reserve has more than 2000 extinct species of wild flowers and plants, about 150 species of birds and small wild animals including cliff rabbits, baboons and leopard cats, etc.

  • Day
    Cape Town

    This morning, you will go to visit the most well-known coastal landmark in Africa Continent - Cape of Good Hope. First you will get to the highest point of the Cape by taking a double-track cable car. There you will enjoy the vast and magnificent sea views where Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean flow together. Then proceed to watch penguins at Penguin Beach. After that, you will be taken to visit the Twelve Apostles which stands right over sea. If weather is fine, you can go to Seal Island by yacht and take a close look at the fantastic natural wonder when tens of thousands of seals gather and have fun playing in the sea.

  • Day
    Cape Town - Sun City

    You will fly back to Johannesburg at Cape Town Airport in the morning. After that you will head for Sun City, which is known as “Las Vegas of South Africa”. There you can first visit the six-star hotel Palace Restaurant (outside view), Earthquake Bridge built base on legendary myth, Luxury Gambling House, notable architecture - Lost City, etc. Here you can enjoy tranquil lakes and mountain sceneries, countless rare animals and plants; you can also stroll among them, indulging yourself in such leisure moment.

  • Day
    Sun City

    As a well-known tourist resort in South Africa, Sun City wins a good fame as “Land of Idyllic Beauty”, and a spot for Miss World beauty contest as well. Sun City is not exactly a city, but a super-luxury Holiday Village with wonderful country scenes. There are unique artificial beach bathing places, vividly-constructed artificial Earthquake Bridge, elegant golf course and artificial lakes. The beautiful sceneries in the village and its charm are sure to be so unforgettable that visitors are unwilling to leave once they come.

  • Day
    Departure from South Africa

    After breakfast you will spend the last morning in Sun City and South Africa. Then you will transfer to the airport and take the flight leaving South Africa.