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WT-South Africa 01:9 Days Tour of South Africa: Johannesburg - Cape Town - Robben Island - Gold Reef City - Sun City - Mabula Game Reserve - Pretoria
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    Arrival in South Africa

    South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the continent. It is one of the richest countries in Africa. First you will fly to the first largest city--Johannesburg, and then connect a flight to Cape Town, the Mother City of South Africa. Upon arrival, you will check in the hotel and take a rest to adjust jet lag. 

  • Day
    Cape Town

    Cape Town is the second largest city of South Africa and also the legislature capital. It once was the earliest stronghold built by western European colonist in southern Africa. So that’s why it is called the Mother City of all others. Due to its beautiful natural and geographic scenery, Cape Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also a famous tourist attraction in South Africa. Today you will go to the Table Mountain on a round-trip cable car. Table Mountain means “city of cape” and it is a mesa in South Africa. People can have an overall view of Cape Town which including the busy scene of the whole harbor and the gorgeous seascape. The Nature Reserve of Table Mountain has more than 2000 kinds of endangered local flowers and plants and more than 150 kinds of birds and some other small wild animals including rock hyrax, baboon and leopard cat. In the afternoon, you are going to visit the wine manor and wonder around in those special streets of Cape Town. It would be so restful to the spirit.

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    Cape Town

    Today you will tour some places of interest on Cape Peninsula. Clifton Bay-a famous exclusive residential district will be your first stop. Here you can see The Twelve Apostles which stand erect on the sea. If the weather condition is allowed, you can go to the Seal Island by yacht. There you can enjoy the scene that thousands of seals gather and play in the sea. After lunch, you will proceed to visit the Penguins beach. Then continue the tour to the famous landmark of Africa continent--Cape of Good Hope. Take a double cable car to the most top of it and overlook the magnificent scenery of intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic.

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    Cape Town - Robben Island - Cape Town

    First you will go to visit Green Point Stadium, the main stadium of 2010 World Cup. Danny Jordaan, chief executive of South Africa World Cup organization committee, described it as one of the three world’s best stadiums. Then proceed to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden where have more than 4000 kinds of African peculiar native flowers and trees, such as King Protea and moor besom. The cultural tour to Robben Island will start by ship in the afternoon. The ex-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was kept in Robben Prison for nearly eighteen years. He was sentenced to twenty-seven years in jail because he struggled against white rule and determined to pursue democracy.

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    Cape Town - Johannesburg

    Today you will first to do some shopping at the speciality handicrafts shops for souvenir. Then go to visit the ostrich farms. Ostrich Farms in South Africa have become world’s famous feather processing factories. The feather can be manufactured into serape, purse, belt and so on. Some of the ostrich on the farm are fed for feather and also observed by tourists. So you can learn how to feed them and what kind of ecological habits they have here. After the visit, you will take a domestic flight and fly to Johannesburg.

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    Johannesburg - Gold Reef City - Sun City

    The morning tour will take you to have an outside look of Soccer City, the opening stadium of 2010 World Cup. Then go to visit Gold Reef City which extends 220 meters underground. You can see around in person into the deep pit and learn how gold was made and also the process of turning gold-ink into gold brick. After lunch let’s go to visit Sun City-“Las Vegas of South Africa”. There are presented the extraordinary six-star hotel-Palace Hotel (an outside look) and luxury casinos and the Bridge of Time which was built based on mythology as well as the Lost City. Natural scenery is also very attractive here and you can take a walk to enjoy this leisure time.

  • Day
    Sun City - Mabula Game Reserve

    After breakfast, you can enjoy your free time inside the Sun City. Recommendations are self-paid horse-riding, boating, hot air ballooning and the Crocodile Farm visiting. Then let’s go to the famous Mabula Game Reserve, which is a must-visit place in South Africa. Upon arrival, you will take a convertible safari vehicle and shuttle in the reserve under the guide of professional tour guide to seek wild animals, such as elephants, lions and cheetah. It is full of exciting moments when you observe their natural eco-activities.

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    Mabula Game Reserve - Pretoria - Johannesburg

    This morning, you will travel to the administrative capital- Pretoria, which is also called the city of Jacaranda. The weather here is very pleasant and it is just the blossom season of Jacaranda. The city tour will begin with Pretoria Church Square followed by visiting Union Buildings and presidential palace. Then you will go to the suburb to visit the solemn Voortrekker Monument. At last, you are going to visit the South Africa Diamond Cutting Center where you can learn the whole process of diamond cutting.

  • Day
    Departure from South Africa

    Take a short rest after breakfast. Then you will go to the airport and fly back home.