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Tour Code: 2017 WT-SG05
9-Day Beijing/ Xian/ Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin
Starting from US per person
  • Day
    Entry Beijing

    You will be met by an enthusiastic and warm guide after you walk through the luggage claiming area at the airport. Then you will be transferred by a comfortable and air-conditioned vehicle to the best Holiday Inn hotel in Beijing - Holiday Inn Central Plaza. What is your first impression about Beijing? The remaining time is for you to discover.

  • Day

    Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

    After breakfast, a pre-tour introductive representation is presented at your hotel. It is the time for you to meet your group members. Go to stroll about the Tian’anmen Square, the center of the capital. Every morning, the national flag raising ceremony is held here. Actually the Square was at the front door of the Forbidden City. The most important use of the square in the past was to declare in a big ceremony to the common people who became the emperor or empress. Continue with the tour in Forbidden City to wonder at the splendid ancient palace. After a rich a la carte lunch, go sight-seeing in the Temple of Heaven, the largest architectural complex for Heaven Worship. The magnificent building, old lush trees and rich collection of cultural relics there not only record the Chinese ancestors’ hopes and aspirations, but also tells the feudal emperors’ wisdom, fatuity and decadent. When night falls, you will enjoy a fascinating Chinese Kung fu show at the Red Theatre which unfurls a piece of beautiful scroll of Chinese culture. (B, L)

  • Day

    Temple of Heaven, Beijing

    Today begin with visit the Badaling Great Wall and then a jade factory. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) and the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC), it was a very important military strategic pass. Lunch is not included as the limited condition in the mountain area. You may take some fast food for your lunch. Afterwards, you will set your feet on the first attraction - the Sacred Way. Over a hundred years built, this imperatorial road is 7,000 meters (4.3 miles) long in total. On your way back to the hotel, take some photos of the Birds Nest (Olympic National Stadium) to wind up the day. (B)

  • Day
    Beijing/ Xian

    The Summer Palace is the first stop for you today. Such a poetic effect between different scenes was created by the designers using rocks, plants, pavilions, ponds, cobble paths and other garden styles. The layout of each building falls on quite a systematic arrangement in this imperial garden. Visit a pearl store next. A rickshaw tour to Hutong area will allow you to know more about old Beijing City. After the a la carte lunch served at a local famous restaurant, tour in Beijing comes to an end now. Fly to Xian, the cradle of ancient civilization in valley of the Yellow River. Reside in the deluxe 5-star Sheraton Hotel for the following 3 nights. (B, L)

  • Day

    Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Xian

    The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum will let you have an unprecedented shock. This is a huge underground military museum. Excavated materials demonstrate that the production of alloys was already highly scientific in thousands of years ago. Drop by a pottery-making factory. A local family visit with the homely cooked lunch will be arranged for you around noon. In the afternoon, continue with the Small Wild Goose Pagoda & Xian Museum. Tonight, be entertained by the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show when partaking of the famous Dumpling Dinner. (Tips: Dumplings are a traditional local food in northern China and are made of wheat flour with various indigenous fillings. This has long been a favorite food of the local people, so we have arranged for you to have a taste of this specialty today. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the diversified Chinese food culture. However, we suggest you do not expect too much from this dinner, it is just a new and different experience during your trip.) (B, L, D)

  • Day

    This morning, you will visit the City Wall which is a large and sophisticated military defense system in ancient China. It is also the most complete existing ancient city wall in China. Then followed is the Provincial History Museum. After an a la carte lunch, the time-honored and large-scale Great Mosque will show you a fair mix of the Islamic culture and Chinese culture.  (B, L)

  • Day
    Xian/ Guilin

    Bicycle riding in Yangshuo

    Take a morning flight to Guilin. Our guide will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the 5-star Sheraton Hotel. There is an old saying: Guilin has the best scenery in China. So the landscape in Guilin city today is main component. The Reed Flute Cave and a sea water pearl store are the starters. The pavonine stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars there may be too many for you to see. Fully use your imagination while visiting and you will have some unexpected experience. (B)

  • Day
    Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Guilin

    Take the Li River cruise down to Yangshuo, which will be your golden trip in Guilin. Mountains reflecting in water, you sit on board and slowly savor this place where modern and ancient civilizations coexist. None of the visitors have not been impressed by the beauty of this natural gallery. Besides the splendid vision, you are reminded to have a big breakfast this morning because the lunch box arranged by the cruise may not reach your expectation. you will start to go sightseeing in Yangshuo, which is famous of green hills, limpid water, spectacular caves and picturesque rocks. In order to feel rural atmosphere here, we specially arrange a car transfer to the countryside and a visit to the local residents family for you. After visit, we will transfer you back to Guilin and visit the Elephant Trunk Hill.  (B, L)

  • Day
    Exit Guilin

    Make your own way to Guilin airport for your homeward flight. As also, welcome to look over our website to plan an extensional China visit. (B)

Group Code
Arrival Date
Departure Date 2017
Double Occupancy
Sole Occupancy
17-C0105Jan 05(Thu)Jan 13(Fri) $980 $1240 Closed Enquiry
17-C0214Feb 14(Tue)Feb 22(Wed) $980 $1240 Closed Enquiry
17-C0224Feb 24(Fri)Mar 04(Sat) $980 $1240 Closed Enquiry
17-C0305Mar 05(Sun)Mar 13(Mon) $980 $1240 Closed Enquiry
17-C0312Mar 12(Sun)Mar 20(Mon) $980 $1240 Closed Enquiry
17-C0326Mar 26(Sun)Apr 03(Mon) $1090 $1390 Closed Enquiry
17-C0401Apr 01(Sat)Apr 09(Sun) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0406Apr 06(Thu)Apr 14(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0413Apr 13(Thu)Apr 21(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0420Apr 20(Thu)Apr 28(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0504May 04(Thu)May 12(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0511May 11(Thu)May 19(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0518May 18(Thu)May 26(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0525May 25(Thu)Jun 02(Fri) $1240 $1590 Closed Enquiry
17-C0601Jun 01(Thu)Jun 09(Fri) $1190 $1500 Closed Enquiry
17-C0608Jun 08(Thu)Jun 16(Fri) $1190 $1500 Closed Enquiry
17-C0615Jun 15(Thu)Jun 23(Fri) $1190 $1500 Closed Enquiry
17-C0622Jun 22(Thu)Jun 30(Fri) $1190 $1500 Closed Enquiry
17-C0629Jun 29(Thu)Jul 07(Fri) $1220 $1530 Closed Enquiry
17-C0706Jul 06(Thu)Jul 14(Fri) $1220 $1530 Closed Enquiry
17-C0713Jul 13(Thu)Jul 21(Fri) $1220 $1530 Closed Enquiry
17-C0720Jul 20(Thu)Jul 28(Fri) $1220 $1530 Closed Enquiry
17-C0727Jul 27(Thu)Aug 04(Fri) $1220 $1530 Closed Enquiry
17-C0803Aug 03(Thu)Aug 11(Fri) $1230 $1550 Closed Enquiry
17-C0810Aug 10(Thu)Aug 18(Fri) $1230 $1550 Closed Enquiry
17-C0817Aug 17(Thu)Aug 25(Fri) $1230 $1550 Closed Enquiry
17-C0824Aug 24(Thu)Sep 01(Fri) $1230 $1550 Closed Enquiry
17-C0831Aug 31(Thu)Sep 08(Fri) $1240 $1600 Closed Enquiry
17-C0907Sep 07(Thu)Sep 15(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0914Sep 14(Thu)Sep 22(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C0921Sep 21(Thu)Sep 29(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C1005Oct 05(Thu)Oct 13(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C1012Oct 12(Thu)Oct 20(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C1019Oct 19(Thu)Oct 27(Fri) $1250 $1610 Closed Enquiry
17-C1026Oct 26(Thu)Nov 03(Fri) $1160 $1500 Closed Enquiry
17-C1102Nov 02(Thu)Nov 10(Fri) $1070 $1400 Closed Enquiry
17-C1109Nov 09(Thu)Nov 17(Fri) $1070 $1400 Closed Enquiry
17-C1116Nov 16(Thu)Nov 24(Fri) $1040 $1340 Closed Enquiry
17-C1209Dec 09(Sat)Dec 17(Sun) $1000 $1280 Closed Enquiry
17-C1222Dec 22(Fri)Dec 30(Sat) $1000 $1280 Open Enquiry
18-C0106Jan 06(Sat)Jan 14(Sun) $1020 $1290 Open Enquiry
18-C0203Feb 03(Sat)Feb 11(Sun) $1020 $1290 Open Enquiry
18-C0304Mar 04(Sun)Mar 12(Mon) $1020 $1290 Open Enquiry
18-C0311Mar 11(Sun)Mar 19(Mon) $1020 $1290 Open Enquiry
18-C0325Mar 25(Sun)Apr 02(Mon) $1120 $1430 Open Enquiry
18-C0331Mar 31(Sat)Apr 08(Sun) $1300 $1690 Open Enquiry

Based on per person and shown in US dollars.

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