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Slovakia is one of the countries which have the largest number of castles, and each of the castles comes along with beautiful legends and myths. The ancient wooden churches which were built without a single nail or metal material and the Gothicism Bardejov Town which was built in the 14th century are precious cultural relics of this world.

Tour Code: WT-Slovakia 02
7 Days Tour of Slovakia: Bratislava - Ruzomberok - Orava - Liptov - Svaty Kriz - Bardejov - Sharish - Zemplin - Snina - Hron - Zvolen

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Slovakia

    You will arrive at Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, by air. There are a lot of historical relics and it is rich in tourism resources. Besides, Slovakia is one of the countries which have the biggest number of castles in the world. You can find the old castle relics and the well preserved museum collections here. After arrival, you will transfer to check in the hotel by taxi. If you arrive early, you may tour around the Bratislava city by yourselves.

  • Day
    Orava - Ruzomberok

    You will head to visit Orava and Ruzomberok which is located in Liptov. First, you will visit the Church of All Saints in Tvrdosin. This church is a wooden church which has the gothic architecture style of later period. And it is also the oldest one in history in Orava. Then, you will proceed to visit Articular Protestant Church in Lestiny and lodge in Ruzomberok at night.  

  • Day
    Upper Liptov - Svaty Kriz

    Today, you will go to the Upper Liptov to visit the Articular Protestant Church which is located in Svaty Kriz. This church is one of the biggest wooden buildings in Europe with 12 wooden doors and 72 wooden windows. After finishing the visit there, you will move to the Spis region to visit the Articular Protestant Church of Holy Trinity in Kezmarok. The history of this church can trace back to 1593. 

  • Day

    Today’s tour will take you to visit Bardejov, an old town in middle Ages. There are two wooden churches to visit, which are the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Church of St. Kozma and Damian. The former one is very popular among local young people and many newlyweds choose to marry here. While the latter is the only one wooden church which has the cellar in it in Slovakia, and its interior decoration is full of baroque style. 

  • Day
    East of Sharish - Northeast of Zemplin

    In the morning, you will go to visit another two wooden churches. One is located in the east of Sharish and the other is in the northeast of Zemplin. First, you are going to visit the Church of Archangel Michael which was built in the middle period of 18th century. And parts of it have been destroyed in World War II. It is conferred Protection of national cultural memorial construction. The second church is the Church of St. Nicholas which was built in 1658. After finishing the tour, you will go to Snina town to put up for the night.

  • Day
    East of Zemplin - Upper River Hron Region

    Today, you will visit the last two wooden churches of your journey. One is the Church of St. Nicholas in Ruska Bystra and the other one is the Articular Protestant Church in Hronsek. The former was built the first half of the 18th century and the latter has the strong Scandinavian building style. After that, you will stay overnight in Zvolen.

  • Day
    Departure from Slovakia

    You will go back to Bratislava in the morning and then transfer to the airport for the flight returning home.