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WT-Russia 02:9 Days Trip of Russia: Moscow - Saint Petersburg - Uglich - Yaroslavl - Goritsy - Mandrogi - Svirstroy - Sergeyev - Volga River
  • Day
    Arrival in Russia

    You will take a morning flight to Moscow, the capital city of Russia. Moscow, constructed in 1147, has a history of over 800 years. It is one of the largest metropolises in the world and the largest city in Europe. After arrival, you will first look around the subway station, and visit Moscow Triumphal Arch which is in memory of Napoleon’s defeat by Russian army. Next you will have a tour of Russian highest institution of higher learning--Moscow University. Then head for the city’s highest point Lenin Hills, at the view deck of which you can enjoy a full view of the city. At last, you are going to visit the Statue of Peter the Great as well as the Federal Government Building of Russia, reputed as White House of Russia.

  • Day
    Moscow - Uglich

    In the morning you are scheduled to visit Russia’s spiritual center-Red Square, and Tomb of Lenin, where the world’s greatest revolutionary teacher Lenin is respected. Outdoor views include St. Vasily Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin. The site Tombs of Unnamed Soldiers was built before the Victory Day in 1967 to commemorate those who died during World War II. The Eternal Flame beside the tomb has been on till today. Next you shall get relaxed around Alexander Garden. In the afternoon you will board the ship at 18:30 and set sail at 21:00. Then you begin your romantic tour of River Volga and appreciate enchanting scenery alongside it on the cruise to Uglich.

  • Day

    Uglich, an ancient city built in 937, is located at upstream reaches of Volga River. Here on both sides abound lush trees, magnificent palaces, where visitors aboard can go sightseeing for walk in the city. There you are going to visit the Church of St. Dmitry-on-Blood, where the most famous brand of female watch in Russia ”Seagull” is designed and produced. You have got the chance to select among such varied kinds of watch at the dock fair. Then you will head for Myshkin by bus to visit the Assumption Cathedral, Museum of Valenki as well as all sorts of well-preserved ancient handicraft shops. Then you will transfer back to Uglich by bus and continue your boat trip.

  • Day

    Today you will tour around Yaroslavl, which is the largest city on the Golden Ring and the most prominent port city on Volga River. With a strong atmosphere of history and culture all around, Yaroslavl wins a good reputation as “Florence in Russia”. The city, of which castles were constructed in 1010, is even 150 years older than Moscow. First you will visit the Cathedral of Elijah the Prophe that was set up between 1647 and 1650. The Cathedral came as a masterpiece of prestigious Orthodox Church and ancient art of Russia. It thus highly reflects architectural features of 17th-century cities within Volga reaches. The cathedral belongs to the major building taking on the cityscape of Yaroslavl and the most beautiful church of the entire city.

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    After you arrive at the wharf in Goritsy, you will pay a visit to the well preserved ancient city Kirillov to indulge yourself in refreshing and natural exotic culture. Next you will go to have a view of Monastery of St. Cyril-on-the-White-Lake, which was built in 1397. After that, you will go on with your voyage.

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    St. Petersburg

    You will arrive at charming St. Petersburg at 9:00 am. Your cruise tour will come to an end after you disembark from the ship. Your trip around the city includes Russia’s classical architecture, Baroque buildings and buildings in October Revolution Period. Next you will visit Aurora Cruiser, noted as the place where the first gunshot of Russia's October Revolution was launched, Admiralty Building, Monumental Column of Alexander, and Winter Palace or Ermitage Museum which is ranked as one of four biggest museums in the world. The last spot you will visit is Senate Square. After dinner, you can enjoy the Ballet show at your own expense.

  • Day
    St. Petersburg - Moscow

    Today's tour will begin with the visit of the Summer Palace. The Palace Garden was divided into upper garden and lower garden in the early of 18th century. The lower one covered an area of 102 hectares, where scatter fountains of all sizes. The afternoon trip starts with a visit to Peter and Paul Fortress, which was set up by Peter the Great (1682-1725), and is regarded as the cradle of St. Petersburg. Then you will visit the Isakiyev Cathedral, and witness the exterior magnificence of Smolny Palace. As the first middle school for noble women in Russia, The palace is now the office of municipal government. After that you can wander around at Neva Street, and select a few souvenirs. After dinner you will head back to Moscow by train.

  • Day
    Moscow - Sergeyev - Moscow

    Today, you will take a bus to Sergeyev, 71 kilometers northeast of Moscow. There you are going to visit the well-known Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. The monastery is a world-famous Holy Land, Russia’s highest one, and the most important spiritual and cultural center of the country as well. Then you will return to Moscow by bus.

  • Day
    Departure from Moscow

    There is no scheduled activity arranged in the morning. After breakfast, you may leave the luggage at the front desk of hotel and go out to do some shopping. In the afternoon, you can head for the airport by taxi according to your flight schedule and depart from Russia by air.