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Wu Gorge

 Shennong Stream  

The Shennong Stream rises from the south slope of Shennongjia. It is 60 km long with the narrowest section just 5 meters (5.5 yards) wide, with precipices on both sides at an angle of over 80 degrees. It flows into the Yangtze River 2 km (1.24 miles) to the east of Wu Gorge.

On the stream are small boats to provide a feel for ancient experiences. Boarding the boat, you will be taken to the creek covered by emerald green bamboo forests. Without motor power, the air is extremely clean; you hear only bird chirps and the boat trackers' working songs.

On the upper reach of the stream is the Shennongjia Natural Reserve. The drifting area is also distinctive for its charming scenes that combine the features of the Three Gorges into one and displays to visitors the river's power, natural fragility and dangers.

 Wu Gorge: Three Little Gorges    

Emerging out of Qutang Gorge, visitors will be tempted by the Daning River originating in Daba Mountain as a large branch of the Yangtze River. The passage through Three Little Gorges is the essence of this river. It combines Dragon Gate Gorge, Iron Coffin Gorge and Emerald Green Gorge, and includes many attractive features - odd rocks, elegant mountains, whirling rapids, clean streams, serene dense forests.

The first scene, Dragon Gate Gorge (Longmen Xia), has towering precipitous mountains framing the three-kilometer-wide (1.86 miles) river. The Dragon Gate Spring and Nest of Silver Rapids have special charm. The second one, Iron Coffin Gorge (Tieguan Xia) is distinctive for craggy rocks which seem to be groups of statues created by nature. In a stone slot four or five meters above the water surface is a suspended black coffin of the Warring States Periods, the source of the gorge's name. The last gorge, the longest and most fascinating, is the Emerald Green Gorge. Extending about 20 km (12.4 miles), stalactites hang on the mountains; densely green forests and gentle streams appear to take you into a dreamland.

 Wushan: Twelve Peaks    

Wushan is well known for its twelve towering peaks, all formed by limestone above the surface of the river about 1,000 meters (3,281 feet). As they are the image of a flying phoenix, screen, cranes, and so on, people gave them vivid names and even composed verses to immortalize them. Among those mountains, the tallest and most graceful is Goddess Peak.

Goddess Peak, looking like a fairy girl, has a legend: One day, a fairy named Yao Ji came to the Wushan Mountains and saw evil dragons fighting, annoying the people. Then she made great effort to defeat all of them. After that, she ordered the chief of people, Yu the Great, to control the water of the Three Gorges and to dredge the watercourse, while she herself turned into a peak, forever after navigating the boats.

 Sightseeing Sites along Wu Gorge:
1. Three Little Gorges: Ancient Plank Road along Daning River, Luyou Cavern, Longgupo Pithecanthrope Site, Wushan Man, Suspended Coffin & Boat Coffin, Dachang Ancient Town & Little Three Gorges of Madu River
2. Goddess Peak (Shen Nu Feng)
3. Golden Helmet and Silver Armor Gorge (Jinkui Yinjia Xia)