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Offering detailed index of top scenic spots in China.
Other China Attractions:
Mt. Huangshan & Mt. Taishan

I want to say
  • ReplyRechal,   Canada
    12/15/2010 8:44:00 PM

    can you recommend me the best attractions in Guangzhou, i will be there next month.

    • Emily :12/19/2010 9:03:00 PM

      famous Guangzhou attractions: the Pearl River, Yuexiu Park, Baiyun Mountain, Chen Clan Academy.

  • ReplyJacob Fleming,   United States
    11/16/2009 2:21:00 AM

    My family has already purchased roundtrip tickets to come to China. And My fiancee and I are already in China teaching English. My family will arrive of Jan. 31 and leave February 13. We will spend four days in Beijing and two in Xi'an. However, we want to tour the the Yunnan and the warmer parts of China in our remaining five days. Do you have any suggestions for us? We would need a guide and transportation being as we are not familiar with Southern China. I am very interested in buying a tour package for the South of China and am looking forward to talking with you.

    (Our Group will have five people)