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WT-Portugal 01:11 Days Tour of Portugal: Lisbon - Obidos - Alcobaca - Nazare - Fatima - Tomar - Conimbriga - Coimbra - Oporto - Vila Real - Viseu - Belmonte - Evora - Algarve
  • Day
    Viseu - Belmonte – Evora

    In the morning, you will visit the Jewish Museum and then participate in the activity of “Olive Oil Tasting” in Belmonte. In the afternoon, you will have a short rest and visit the attractive town Castelo de Vide, you will pass through the Jewish area and appreciate the buildings and castles there. Then you will move forward to Evora, which is the cultural center of southern Portugal.

  • Day
    Evora - Algarve

    As an ancient city, Evora was built in the third century A.D in the reign of Roman Empire. Now, you can still see some historical sites during Roman period such as Roman Temple, Hot Springs, the Roman wall sites and Donna Sabel Arch. In 1986 it was listed into the List of World Heritage according to Cultural Heritage selection criteria. You will also visit other scenic spots such as Gothic cathedral in early time and Ossuary Chapel. After that, you will get to the tourist resort Algarve via Alentejo plain.

  • Day

    With the warm water and pleasant weather, you can enjoy a lot here. The resorts, hotels and luxury tourist resorts are the good places to visit. Algarve is the best beaches in the world. It has different kinds of beaches in the world such as hidden beaches and family beaches, some of which are very smooth for water sports. You will spend the whole day enjoying the beautiful views of Atlantic Ocean and soft sea beach.

  • Day
    Algarve - Lisbon

    Transfer back to Lisbon today. On the way, you will first visit castles in Sesimbra where wars between Christians and Moors in Middle Ages happened. Then you will go across the first longest European bridge---Bridge of April 25th and arrive in Lisbon finally.

  • Day
    Departure from Portugal

    After breakfast, you can take a taxi to transfer to the airport and take a flight leaving from Portugal.

  • Day
    Arrival in Portugal

    After arriving in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you will transfer to check in a hotel. Then you can either have a rest or tour around the city for the rest of the time.

  • Day

    As the capital of Portugal and the biggest seaport, Lisbon, with the favorable weather, has been the biggest tourist resort in Portugal. In the morning, you will drive across the main squares of Baxia quarter and visit the old Alfama city, where has many age-old dwellings. The outer walls of houses located along the riparian avenue are mainly painted yellow and red. Then you will arrive at Pombal Statue via Bull Ring. Belem Tower is your next destination. As one of the oldest buildings in Portugal and the world cultural heritage, Belem Tower witnesses Portuguese glorious history. Its unique architectural style and peculiar location attract many tourists from all over the world and become one of the most popular views of Lisbon. Later, you are going to visit the Jeronimos Monastery. After the visit, you will have some free time to arrange other activities by yourselves;;

  • Day
    Lisbon - Obidos - Alcobaca - Nazare - Fatima - Tomar

    Today, you will head to one of the ten wedding cities in the world---Obidos, which has done well in protecting and exploring the ancient city. It not only keeps its old characteristics but also presents everything new. You will walk in the narrow streets and experience this city. Then the Church of Santa Maria Monastery, built in the 12th century, and the tombs of King Pedro I in Alcobaca are your next destinations. After that, you are heading to Nazare. In the afternoon, you are going to Fatima to visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary. Then you will leave for Tomar.

  • Day
    Tomar - Conimbriga - Coimbra – Oporto

    First of all, you will pay a visit to Convent of Christ, which is located on the top of the mountain and has the famous Manueline Window. Then you will proceed to Conimbriga to visit the Roman Ruins of Conimbriga, where visitors will see the well-preserved historical relics. The gilded Baroque Library of the university with 700-year-old history in Coimbra is your next stop. Then you will drive across UÇACO Forest to reach Oporto, the second largest city of Portugal.

  • Day

    As one of the European ancient cities, Oporto has many famous historical buildings and the Douro River is meandering through the whole city. You will first drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Douro River and then visit the Church of Sao Francisco and Stock Exchange. Oporto is also a distributing center for wine in the upper Douro River, thus you are going to visit a port wine cellar. Today’s afternoons are left free for you to arrange on your own.

  • Day
    Oporto - Vila Real - Viseu

    Guimaraes, an inland city, is hailed as “the cradle of Portugal” for it is the hometown of the first Portuguese king Henriques. After visiting it, you will go to Vila Real to visit the Palacio de Mateus outside the city and then head to Viseu.