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WT-Portugal 03:9 Days Journey of Portugal: Lisbon - Estoril - Sintra - Cascais - Obidos - Nazare - Fatima - Evora - Algarve - lagos - Azeitao - Sao Bras de Alportel
  • Day
    Algarve - Azeitao – Lisbon

    On the way back to Lisbon, you will stop at Azeitao for a brief visit. It is a fascinating village and famous for red wine, olive and beautiful buildings. Here you will pay a visit to local peasants, taste the red wine and greet the a-hundred-year-old wine maker.

  • Day
    Departure from Portugal

    After breakfast, you will travel to the airport and leave from Portugal by air.

  • Day
    Arrival in Portugal

    Upon arrival in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you will directly travel to Estoril, which is a famous tourist city in Portugal. Transfer to check in a hotel after arrival and have a good rest to recover from the jet lag for the rest of the day.

  • Day
    Estoril - Sintra - Cascais - Estoril

    Today you will visit the beautiful Estoril and its surrounding. First you are going to see a baroque building---Palacio de Mafra. Besides, you will also visit churches and cloisters. Then proceed to visit Sintra, which are the world cultural heritage and a summer resort for Portuguese royalty. Here you will visit the National Palace of Sintra. Cascais is one of the most beautiful harbors in Portugal. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the charming coastline or purchase the local handicrafts in the stores. In the evening, you can take part in the recreational activities. Then return to Estoril.

  • Day
    Estoril - Obidos - Nazare - Fatima - Estoril

    Today, you will head to the beautiful Silver Coast, where has peaceful villages, dense grape gardens and ancient castles. Here you will have an opportunity to explore Portuguese history and culture. You will first arrive in Obidos to visit the wall in middle ages. Then you will proceed to Nazare, a beautiful fishing village, to watch fishermen knitting. Before returning to Estoril, you will also visit Fatima, a world famous pilgrimage place.

  • Day
    Estoril - Lisbon - Estoril

    In the morning you will head for Lisbon to visit Jeronimos Monastery built in the 16th century in Moorish Alfama Quarter and Belem Tower. As one of the most ancient buildings in Portugal and the world cultural heritage, Belem Tower witnesses Portuguese glorious history. Its unique architectural style and peculiar location attracts lots of visitors and become the most popular resort in Lisbon. The whole afternoon will be free for you to visit other places on your own. Then return to Estoril afterwards.

  • Day
    Estoril - Evora - Algarve

    After passing through the beautiful Portuguese village, you will get to Evora, which is another world cultural heritage and known as the “Museum City of Portugal”. This ancient city was built in the third century A.D. in the reign of the Roman Empire. Here you can still find some historical sites such as Roman Temple, hot springs, the Roman wall sites and Donna Sabel Arch. After that, you will head south to Algarve, a famous city bordering upon the Atlantic.

  • Day

    Algarve is the main summer resort in Portugal. It has different kinds of beaches in the world such as hidden beaches and family beaches, some of which are very smooth for water sports. You will spend the whole day here enjoying the beautiful views and soft sea beach.

  • Day
    Algarve - Cape of St. Vincente - Lagos - Sao Bras de Alportel - Algarve

    Today, you will first head to famous Cape of St. Vincente, a cape in southwest of Portugal. Several sea wars broke out here historically and the most famous one is that a Britain fleet defeated the dominant Spanish one in 1797. Then you are going to Lagos, a historical city where the famous voyager Prince Henry set sail. After a short rest here, you will proceed to Sao Bras de Alportel to visit the local Cork Museum. At last, you will go back to Algarve.