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WT-Poland 01:11 Days Tour of Poland: Warsaw - jablonna - Malbork - Rydzyna - Czestochowa - Cracow - Baranów Sandomierski
  • Day
    Arrival in Poland

    You will fly to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Warsaw, the world famous city, was founded in the thirteenth century. Now its layout still remains as an old city as well as a new one. All kinds of historic monuments and places of interest mainly gather at the old quarter. After arriving in Poland, you will go to check in a hotel and then have a rest to adjust the jet lag.

  • Day
    Warsaw - Jablonna

    The whole day will tour in Warsaw. You can enjoy the old quarter of Warsaw and the Royal Castle, which is the most important and oldest architecture in the old quarter. In the afternoon, you are going to visit the Nieborów Palace, which is a noble mansion and surrounded by a picturesque garden. Now the Palace is served as a museum. As for dinner and lodging, you can choose the Jablonna Palace.

  • Day
    Jablonna - Malbork

    Today you will start the tour of Lidzbark Warminski. You will first head to visit Frombork, the fishing centre as well as tourist resort. The most famous one is the Frombork Church, which was founded during the year of 1329 to 1388. In the small town, there are numbers of churches, built in the thirteenth century, such as the Saint Nicholas Church, the Saint Jorge Church, the Saint Anne Church and so on. Then the next stop is the Malbork Castle, which is the largest brick Gothic castle in the world. In the year of 1997, the Malbork Castle was listed as the world heritage by UNESCO.

  • Day
    Malbork - Rydzyna

    This morning, you will continue to visit the Malbork Castle because it has a grand scale. After that, you will take a bus to visit the Kornik Castle built in the 14th century, which was ever a private residence. Now there is a museum and Kornik Library in the Castle. After the visit, you will move on to visit the Rydzyna Castle, which was belonged to a Duke before. Later, it serves as a hotel as well as a place for meetings. The Rydzyna Castle is also one of the most magnificent palaces in Poland.

  • Day
    Rydzyna - Czestochowa

    The whole morning is free on your own and you can have a rest to relax yourselves. The afternoon tour will take you to visit the Jasna Góra Monastery, which is the most famous Notre Dame and the most important place for pilgrimage, as well as the spiritual capital for many Poles in Poland. After the visit, you will move forward to Czestochowa.

  • Day
    Czestochowa - Cracow

    By way of Olsztyn, there are many sites of old castles. You will enjoy the sight of the beautiful Knights Castle in Pieskowa Skala. And then you will leave for Cracow, one of the most ancient cities in the Central Europe. It’s a place where most Poland historic sites gather and also one of the largest cities for tourist. Every year, the number of the tourists amounts to 2 million.

  • Day

    You will tour around the Wawel Castle in Cracow this morning. Now the Wawel Castle is magnificent building complex, consists wings in the four directions, and there are towers in the crossings of the wings. What’s more, since the moment it was built, the Wawel Castle has been closely connected to the fate of Poland. They two enjoy the flourishing and prosperity, and go through the setbacks and failures. Later, you will also visit many historic sites in Cracow.

  • Day
    Cracow - Baranów Sandomerski

    Firstly, you are going to visit the old castle in Nowy Wiœnicz. Then, you will head for Lancut to visit the palaces there. Lastly, you will travel to visit the Baranów Sandomerski Castle, one of the Mannerist structures castles. Now this castle has turned into a museum and hotel meeting centre. Tonight, you will enjoy the dinner and spend your beautiful night in the castle.

  • Day
    Baranów Sandomerski - Warsaw

    In the morning, you will continue your trip of Baranów Sandomerski castle. Later, you will return to Warsaw by bus. On the way, you can also visit a place of historic sites.

  • Day

    This morning, you are going to visit the famous Wilanów Palace, which survived through the World War and the Poland Division Period. The Palace is also one of the most important memorial building in Poland culture. In the afternoon, you can spend your own time to travel around Warsaw by yourselves.

  • Day
    Departure from Poland

    After breakfast, you will go to the airport and leave Poland by plane.