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Xian In-Depth Tour

Tour code: WT-xa10 

5-Day Tour of Xian - Nanchang - Meiling - Anyi Ancient Villages - Sanzhualun

Have 3-Day fantastic Tour in Xian to satisy your curiosity about this captical city. For the detialed itinerary, please refer to WT-xa02. Take a flight to Nanchang on the third day's afternoon and rest during the balance day.

On the fourth day, take No. 219 bus from Nanchang to Meiling. Meiling is a national scenic and historic interest area in Nanchang. Located in the west suburb of Nanchang, it is not only a fascinating holiday resort with convenient facilities but also scenic spot with beautiful landscape and religious cultural deposit. Here are about hundreds of mountain peaks in Meiling area, which is so called the little Lushan. Meiling is o­ne of holy lands of Buddhism and Taoism, has as many as 136 temples and Taoist altars. The Taoists called the Meiling as the 12th Cave. There are also scenic spots and religious cultural interests up to 120, which include the Xiyao Lake, Tianning Nunnery, Hongyandan Well, Huanggu Tomb, famous Meiling Villa, Lion Peak etc. The entrance fee for Meiling is CNY15. Half day in Meiling may give you enough time to explore there.

In the afternoon, take a bus to Anyi Ancient Villages, which is seated at the foot of Meiling Mountain Area. There are many buses from Meiling to Anyi. You can find one easily. Upon arrival in Anyi, you may settle down yourself at a local hostel. There are many hostels and it is very cheap to stay there. Approximately, it may cost CNY20 per night including one dinner.

In the next morning, you can start to visit the Anyi Ancient Villages, which includes three nature villages, Luotian, Shuinan and Jingtai, all of which have more than a thousand years old history. Along the old lanes in the villages, there are about 86 featured residential buildings perfectly preserved, and also mansions, wells, bridges and drama stages that have stood there for at least hundreds of years. The entrance fee is CNY21. In the afternoon, Take bus to Jingan County and then connect to another bus to Sanzhualun. Visit the Sanzhualan Ecological tourist area, which is the only place nurtures giant salamander. Here are as many as ten spots areas, sat, North River, Baofeng Temple, Panlong Lake as well as Kuangzhong Garden Lei Ancient Village etc. The entrance fee may cost you CNY20.