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Beijing Extention Tours

Tour code: WT-L/Sbj02           

6-Day Tour of Beijing - Changchun

For Beijing part, please refer to the WT-BJ01 as a reference. On the fourth day, take a flight to Changchun and get the rough impression of Changchun City in the following 2 days.

Changchun is city coexistent with the old and fashion. For one thing the Puppet Emperor’s Palace witnesses its long history, for another, the city of Automobiles and Films bring you into a new modern city. 

Different from modern Shanghai, Changchun is a combination of the old and the new. The Puppet Emperor’s Palace represents its long history, while the Film Studio helps common people to know much about the mysteries of film making. It is very easy for you reach each destination owing to the fact that the transportation is pretty easy in this city.  There is no need to worry about anything after you land in Changchun airport, you can take the shuttle bus to get to the urban area conveniently. As for the accommodation, you can choose the guesthouses in the Northeast Normal University located in No. 32 Ziyou Road or the Jilin University situated in No. 125 Renmin Street, which are quite inexpensive.  

Your first stop should be the Puppet Emperor’s Palace, which is the palace for the Emperor Aixinjueluo Puyi’s third enthronement in Late Qing Dynasty. It is characteristic of the combined Eastern and Western architectural style. There keep a lot of precious cultural relics here. Get off bus No. 264 at the terminal, and you can find it. If possible, you can also take No. 80.236.287,8. The point is that you still need 20 minutes’ walk after getting off the bus at Longxing Trading Market. By the way, it is worthwhile to have a visit at this market, because it is one of the most bustling free markets in Changchun. The Puppet Emperor’s Palace is open from 08: 30 to 16: 00 in summer and closed an hour earlier in Winter. In the afternoon, you should come to the Changying Centurial Park for some amusement, it is with the reputation of Oriental Hollywood.  It is open from 09: 00 to 16: 30 with the admission fee of CNY90. You can call the number 0431-4550888 for further details. As for food, you may consider having the dumplings with different fillings. In the evening, you can appreciate the distinctive Southeast Yangko and Errenzhuan Show in the Peace Theatre located in Chongqing Road. You can call the number 0431-8934304 for more information. 

On the fifth day morning, the World Landscape Garden is recommended to you. It collects the miniature human and natural sceneries of more than 40 countries in the world. Your eyes will be feasted from the primitive to the modern, from the savage to the civilized, from the East to the West, from the backward to the developed. The development of human civilization is vividly presented here. You can take bus No. 101 to reach there. The admission fee is CNY30.In the afternoon, you can reach the World Sculpture Park, displaying different kinds of artistic carvings. It is located in South of People Street in Chaoyang District. You can take Bus 252, 270 to be there. The admission fee is CNY20. Afterwards, spend CNY5 to visit Banruo Temple, the centre of Buddhism in Changchun. You can take Bus No. 3, 5 to be there. 

On the sixth day, your self exploration ends here and take a flight back to Beijing.