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Beijing, Shenyang Exploration

Tour code: WT-bj08              
6-Day Exploration in Beijing and Shengyang

Take three days hightlight Beijing tour upon arrival in China. For the detailed itinerary, you could refer to the tour schedule of WT-bj01. On the fourth day, take a morning flight to Shenyang. After lunch, try to taste the local flavor in the afternoon. 
On the fifth day, you're going to take a profuse route in Diao Bing Shan , with mountains and lakes, memorial of Premier Zhou Enlai, and also the course of technical development. There are two ways to reach there. For the self-drive route: Shen-Si Highway or 102 National Highway can lead you to Tieling from Shenyang. Continue to drive along 106 Provincial Highway to Diao Bing Shan (Moving Forces Mountain) and Faku; and the 203 National Highway extends to Kangping in the North from Faku. For the public route: Take a long-distance coach or train to Tieling and then take a regular bus to Diao Bing Shan (Moving Forces Mountain) and Kangping County.

Highlight excursion covers Longshou Shan (Head Dragon Mountain) and Zhouenlai Memorial in the morning. Longshou Mt. stretches from Southeast and rises steeply at the bank of Chahe River, thus the local people gives it a visual name as Head Dragon Mountain. The Memorial of Premier Zhou Enlai also stands here. Yingang private School in Tieling is the primary school for Premier Zhouenlai. He had ever remarked that Tieling is his second hometown. (Address: Yinzhou District; Tieling). 

In the afternoon, a pilgrimage to Bright Moon Monastery (Mingyue Chansi) and a technical exploration to Diaobingshan Museum will enrich your experience in different dimension. Bright Moon Monastery is a largest Holy Land in North east, with resplendent and magnificent architectural style. (Address: Xishan scenic area, Diaobingshan) Go to the downtown area of Diaobingshan (Moving Forces Mountain) and visit the Steam-engine Museum. In this Museum, you can see about 20 steam engines. The tourists can also manipulate the engine on their own to have an intimate communication with the steam engine history and the innovative spirit. For the accommodation, you can easily find a hostel and stay in the Diaobingshan (Moving Forces Mountain), a small city.

In the next day, visit Wushu Ancient Relic before you leave to next stop Kangping County. Wushu is a complex in Liao Dynasty. The Gate Tower in both sides has an impressive bearing, the inside ornaments are also ample of carved beams and painted rafters. A brief stay there, you might think of those years, amidst golden spears and armored horsed, the fierce war and brave fighting scattered in the smoke of gunpowder. It is just located in the downtown area and convenient for you to take a taxi there.

In the afternoon, take a regular bus to Kangping County and visit Crouching Dragon Lake. This is stunning resort for ease. According to the estimation from geological department, the lake formed in the Mesozoic era - later cretaceous period, which owing more than 3,000,000 years in the history apart from now. The liquid lake, continuous mountains composes a tempting picture. Abundant fish and shrimp live in the lake; the water chestnut lotus root flutters the fragrance. Although this lake is relatively small, there is still plenty to see. Lots of rare and precious birds as the swan, the red-crowned crane, the osprey and the wild duck perch in the reed. The Wolong Lake is also reputed by the rich strontium mineral water underground, which has a gorgeous benefit for people' health. The strontium mineral water has a particular effect on preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, which is prestigious in the world. (Address: the West suburb of Kangping town, Kangping county)

On the sixth day, take a flight back to Beijing.