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Unique Taste of Beijing, Shenyang

Tour code: WT-bj07                 
7-Day Tour of Beijing, Shenyang

Departure: June - September 

Take 3-day tours in Beijing as WT-bj01 listed. Then on the fourth day, take a morning flight to Shenyang and have a rest in the afternoon.

On the fifth day, take a summer classic 1 day route around Shenyang. Benxi water cave is the longest limestone cave with water in the world; and you will not miss Kwan-yin Reservoir scenic area. We will offer two ways to reach the destination below. 

For the self-drive route: The Shen-Dan Highway or the 304 National Highway in the south direction can lead you to Benxi downtown area. Proceed to Benxi Man ethnic group autonomous county along 305 National Highways.Public transportation: Ride a train or long-distance coach to Benxi city, and continue to take a bus to Dongfen. When you arrive in Dongfen, it is convenient for you to take a microbus to Water Cave (Shuidong), and the local people also call it Small town (Xiaoshi). You can also ride a tourist bus from Benxi city to the water cave directly.

In the morning, you are advised to explore the Benxi Water Cave. This cave is formed millions of year ago, which is wide and deep, and the flux can reach 20,000 tonnages per day and night. Beside notable water cave, it also has "Greeting Guests Hall" - Clactonian site; Dried cave, a substantive biology museum. (Address: Xie family Wezi village, Xiaoshi town, Man ethnic group autonomous county, Benxi city; telephone: 0414-4891288; admission fee: CNY 70.00) For lunch, various local snacks will offer a distinguished flavor. The first recommended food is Smoked Chicken. With bright purplish red color and delicious flavor, it tastes tender, soft but with threadlike shreds in mouth which will leave endless aftertaste. Another one is round and yellow Haicheng Stuffed Pie, it tastes crisp at surface and tender and refreshing in stuff, with an overflowing fragrance. It will be more delicious if you eat it with garlic pulp, hot pepper oil or mustard pulp.

In the afternoon, it is without a doubt to go to Kwan-yin Reservoir scenic area. It is an irrigation works with the combination of vast lakes and mini pits. Impressed water and mountain will leave a permanent memory. (Address: Xiaoshi town, Man ethnic group autonomous county, Benxi city; admission fee: CNY 15.00) 

Can you imagine sliding on the up-slope? On the sixth day, take Wizardly Slope route fills with supernatural, which caters to the curious travelers.In the morning, visit Qipan Shan scenic area (Chessboard Mountain), which stands in the Mantang village, Dongling District. You will see fascinating natural scenery, as "three mountains and one water" - Chessboard Mountain (Qipan Mt.), Hui Mountain, Dayang Mountain and Xiuhu lake;and also the historical relics of the ancient chessboard. The admission fee for Chessboard Mountain is CNY20.00; and the extra charge for the ancient chessboard site is CNY5.00. The contact number is 024-88050531.

In the afternoon, you will experience a special Wizardly Slope. This supernatural slope is a west-high east-low slope. The flameout car can slide on the up-hill slope, but it is strenuous to ride a bicycle on the down-hill slope. There are also numerous wonders around that sight-seeing, such as "Snow in June" and "Resonant Summit". There are also other marvelous highlights as Crouching Dragon Mountain, Crescent Lake, Mountain Image Lake and Sister Spring. Wizardly Slope is located in the west range of Cap Mountain (Maoshan), and the admission fee is CNY60.00. The opening time is 05:30 - 18:30 in summer and 9:00 - 17:00 in winter. You can rent a bike when you arrive in the wizardly slope, and experience the supernatural up-grading sliding there.

On the seventh day, take a flight back to Beijing.