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Tour code: WT-bj06           
6-Day tour of Beijing, Yanji, Tumen River, Liangshui Town, Huichun

Take three days well-made itinerary in Beijing as WT-bj01 describe. On the third day's night, take an overning soft sleeper train  261  (19:10-06:16) to Jilin in the northeast of China. Arrive in Jinlin in the early morning and you could have a free schedule to explore in this city. Or board the train K215 (07:34-13:10 ) to your destination, Yanji directly. 

Though Yanji is not a very big city, its tourism and entertainment industry is well developed. There are streets selling dog meat only, thick sauce and soup exclusively, barbeques etc. You can also enjoy the authentic Korean cuisine here. If you intend to contact your family far away on the other side of the earth, you can go to the net bar for the service with ease. Have one day stay in Yanji.

In the next day's morning, it is a good option for you to take the soft seat train N169 that departs from Yanji at 09: 19 and arrives in Tumen at 10: 26. The train journey lasts about 1 hour and 7 minutes. The train tickets only cost you CNY10. Please do get up early to catch the train in the morning. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Tumen along National Way 302. Once you arrive there, you are advised to move for the Port to see the Tumen River which separates China from North Korea in territory. 
There stands many a Sino-North Korea Bordering Monuments in the riverside park along Tumen River. Every new comer would prefer to take some pretty photos beside these marks. There is a bridge over the river, in the middle of which you can see the Great Divide of North Korea and China. The red is of China, and the blue represents North Korea. CNY20 needs to be charged if you want to get close to the bridge. Please keep it in mind that you are not allowed to cross the boundary freely. Anyway, the best view is available when you stand beside the river. Then, you may head for the next stop - Huichun. 

Though there is no train between Tumen and Huichun, the road network is very well developed. You can arrive at your destination either through expressway or arterial highway. The coach runs every 15 minutes. It is the trend that more and more Russians come to Huichun for shopping, permanent settlement and leisure activities. The blond hair and blue eyes has gradually become one more beautiful scene here. To make the communication much easier, more and more locals have begun to learn Russian. If you happen to speak Russian as well, you will not feel lonely and helpless. You have the opportunity to see the Broken Bridge in Liangshui Town when you are on the way to Huichun. If you have any difficulty in locating where the bridge is, you can ask the locals for the direction. A dilapidated bridge traversing the river will come to your eyesight if you see from afar. The middle part was shot broken, and the girder was left in water. It was actually the builders who blasted the bridge in such a way. Tracing back to the history, Japanese set up the bridges with the intention of carrying the resources looted in Northeast China to Japan via Korea. However, the Russian armies intervened in the harsh attack against Japanese later on. The Japanese were defeated and had the building blasted to block the way of Russian armies. It is really a good means to enrich your mind while you are traveling. Leaving this site, you may walk up National Way 302 and take a lift to Huichun to continue your journey. 

On the sixth day, continue to explore in the city. In the evening, take a flight back to Beijing.