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Beijing - Changchun In-depth Tour

Tour code: WT- bj05                  
6-Day Excursion to Beijing and Changchun

You will have 3-day highlight travel in Beijing to satisfy your curiosity about this city. For the detailed tour schedule, please refer to the WT-bj01 as a reference. On the fourth day,take a morning flight to Changchun and  you will be glad to see all round aspects of Changchun, because volcanoes, old towns and caves are all included in your agenda.

Pack all your luggage and prepare your good mood for the exciting leisure time. Take the bus to Yitong at the bus station near Changchun Coach Station, about 10 minutes’ walk away from Changchun Railway Station. If you intend to rent a car and drive there on your own, you can drive south along Changyan highway. It is only 65 kilometers between Changchun and Yitong. Yitong Volcanic Cluster is composed of 16 volcanoes, most are constituted by basic basalt, and some are shaped like towers. Groups of stone towers make it the queer “Tower Forest”. It is located in the southwest of Yitong town. It is really worth your discovery. In the afternoon, head for Liuhe to visit Luotongshan City, it is situated about 25 kilometers northeast of the highest peak of Luotong Mountain in Liuhe County. Built in the periods of Weijin, it served as the strategic castle of great importance. The Beacon Tower, Impounding Reservoir, Sanqingguan etc are still preserved. 

On the next day, reach Huinan County and visit Huifa Old Town. Huifa River circles its south, north and west sides. The mountain ranges become the natural barrier of the old town. Not only can you have a good time in this old town, but also the special delicacies will make you unforgettable and mouthwatering. Besides the barbeques, braized dishes, hotpot served in the restaurants, you can enjoy the meals in the locals’ to taste the authentic southeast cuisine. The Old Town is divided into inner, middle and outer cities with the circumstances of 596.5 meters, 892.3 meters and 1884 meters respectively. Every city has 2 gates. The City Wall of the Middle City is 3 meters high, 12 meters wide in base and 2 to 3 meters wide in top. There is one platform in the Inner City with the circumstance of 336 meters, 4.8 meters higher than the ground. The tiles, ceramic pieces seemed to come from the original construction site. In the past few years, the Five-colored porcelain jar, Blue and White porcelain jar, earrings, caps, bronze and Iron Stirrup have been excavated here, of which some are from Central Plains of China, some are the mixture of bright local colors and national elements. Visitors are allowed to approach them to have a look. Afterwards, you should move for Guanma caves, 7 kilometers southwest of Guanma town Panshi City. Once you are here, you’d better wash your face or hands in the holy water, because it is said to bring good luck to you. The cave is divided into 3 layers, the upper, middle and lower. Nowadays, it is the middle layer that is developed. You will easily fall into imagination and delusion when you are there. The cave used to be the shelter for the northeastern allied forces under the leadership of general Yang Jingyu during the Anti-Japanese War. The stone table that the armies once used to hold the meeting is still put there. You have the opportunity to see it personally. 

Finally your discovery in Changchun ends here and take a flight back to Beijing to connect your international flight back to your home.