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Oman is situated on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered on the East by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, it has been one of the oldest cradles of civilization in the Arabian Peninsula. You may also enjoy the beautiful view of rugged mountains, boundless desert, vast sand dunes, and placid beaches stretching along the 1,700 Km coastline.

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8 Days Tour of Oman: Muscat – Nizwa – Rustaq – Nakhl - Sur

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Oman

    Upon arrival in Muscat, the capital and the largest city of Oman, you can take a shuttle bus to transfer to check in the hotel. The remaining day is free for you to arrange on your own. Muscat is also the tourism and commercial center in Oman. Although located in the desert area, there are green trees along the main roads, which can be considered as the ‘oasis in the desert’.

  • Day

    The whole day will be spent in Muscat. First, you will go to visit the Grand Mosque, which was built in 2001 and now is a special place in this country. Then proceed to the Omani Museum, you will have a general idea of Oman’s history during the tour. After that, you will leave for the ancient Muscat city to visit Sultan’s Palace, Al Jalali Fort and Mirani Fort. These forts and castles are one of the most splendid cultural heritages in Oman.

  • Day
    Rustaq & Nakhl

    In the morning, you will head for the east of Muscat to pay a whole-day visit to castle of Rastaq and castle of Nakhl. These two castles are the most important forts for defense in the Jebal Al Akhdar area.

  • Day
    Muscat - Nizwa

    Today, you will drive to the central area of Oman through Sumail Gap. The afternoon tour will take you to visit the Al Hoota cave, which is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Oman and we believe it will give you a deep impression.

  • Day

    Nizwa is the Islamic birthplace of Sultanate of Oman with a long history and numerous historical relics. In the morning, you will pay a visit to the local traditional cattle auction in the street market and it is a great opportunity to learn about local culture. Afterward, you will go to visit the famous Nizwa Fort, which is the largest and most complete one among the over 100 existing old castles in Oman and it is indeed a must visit places for tourists. It is such a huge castle that sightseers should take 20 minutes to climb up to the platform of castle top along the dark passageways. Then you will continue to visit Bahla Fort built 1400 years ago. After long-time erosion, most of the parts have been collapsed by weathering and only a small part remained on high sand stones. Bahla Fort now has been listed in the endangered items by the world culture organization. Lastly, you will visit the castle of Jabrin.

  • Day
    Nizwa - Sur

    In the morning, you will head for Wahiba Sands, which is the largest desert area in Oman. It is also the home of Bedu, an Arabic nomadic people. Later, you will pass through a unique river valley, Wadi Bani Khalid, which is the most famous arroyo in Sharqiyah region of Oman. The magnificent and unique scenery will accompany you along the all way.

  • Day
    Sur - Muscat

    Sur was once the gathering center where it established trade contacts with Zanzibar, India and China. The dhows that delivered goods in the trade contacts at that time have still being built constantly in the shipyards. In the morning, you will first go for a visit here. After that, you will head for Muscat along the coast road via Qalhat, Wadi Shab and a palm-fringed lagoon. Qalhat is an ancient city that Marco Polo once visited.

  • Day
    Departure from Oman

    You will take an early morning flight leaving from Oman and put an end to this memorable journey.