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WT-Norway 01:9 Days Tour of Norway: Oslo - Lillehammer - Loen - Stalheim - Bergen - Telemark
  • Day
    Arrival in Norway

    You will arrive in Norway by plane. With the national wonders like fjords, mountain ranges and falls and so on spread all over the country, Norway has been elected as the most suitable country to live in for 6 years since 2001 by the United Nations. Upon arrival, you will check in the hotel and then recover from the jet-lag in the hotel or visit around the hotel.

  • Day
    Oslo - Lillehammer

    Firstly, you will go to visit Eidsvoll, where Norway signed Eidsvoll Constitution. Next, walk along Mjosa Lake, you will get to Lillehammer, the city which is famous for holding 1994 winter Olympic Games. After arrival, you are going to visit the Maihaugen Open-Air Museum in Lillehammer. It reserves many traditional Norway building, where people can get to know the Norway folk cultue.

  • Day
    Lillehammer - Loen

    Today, you will drive across Gudbrandsdal Valley, of which the scenery is very unique. In the morning, you will have a visit in this valley and can encounter church of Lom on the way. This afternoon, you will proceed to visit the famous seven sisters cascade, and then go south to pass through Hornindal Lake to arrive in Loen.

  • Day
    Loen - Stalheim

    Drive along Nordfjord and then across lofoten to arrive at Vatedalen Valley and Lake Jolster. Then go to visit the biggest Jostedalsbreen glacier in Europe. The glacier is not only the vastest one in the European continent but also the main scenery in Jostedalsbreen national park. Next, you will proceed to visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum, where plays documentaries regularly to introduce the glacier landform in detail. There also lies a glacier model which people can walk on and observe the interal structure. In the afternoon, you will go to the longest and deepest Sognefjord and then move on to Stalheim after the visit.

  • Day
    Stalheim - Bergen

    In the morning, you will go to visit the most popular holiday resort in Norway - Voss lakeside resort, and then proceed to Bergen continuely. Then the remaining day will be free for you after you arrive there. You can either walk through the fish market and the narrow lanes of Bergen or get on Mount Floyen by cableway to overlook the whole Bergen and see the charming harbors in the distance.

  • Day
    Bergen - Telemark

    You will pass Hardangerfjord by ferry, which is the gentlest one in the four fjords with beautiful scenery. Next, you will go across the fruit farm along sorfjord. The scenery here is very special and you can enjoy the splendid scenery of Hardangervidda. The vast Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plain in Europe and also the region owning tne largest number of reindeers. At last, you will reach Telemark.

  • Day
    Telemark - Oslo

    Today you will visit Vemork mainly. One chemical factory here play an important role during the World War Two. Next, you are going to visit Rjukan Valley. Then go back to Oslo in the afternoon. Before getting there, you will also visit the Heddal Stave Church, which is biggest medieval wooden church in Norway.

  • Day

    The whole day will spend in Oslo. You will first visit the shelves theatre, the parliament house, the imperial palace and so on. Aslo the Frogner Park, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, will be the next stop. This garden is one of the key traveling place, where Vigelang, the famous scupltor in Norway, spent half of his life to create 150 series of exquisite scupltures that are so lifelike each with the topics of various aspects of life mainly. After that, you are going to visit the city town. In the afternoon, you will go to learn the splendid Norway sailing history..

  • Day
    Departure from Norway

    After breakfast, you will go to the airport and leave Norway by plane to put an end to this travel.