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Jiangsu Company of Eastern Airlines Opens Nanning-Tokyo Air Route

Jiangsu Company of Eastern Airlines has opened Nanjing-Tokyo air route on December 20th, 2007. Airbus 320 flies for this route on Thursdays and Sundays, and the schedule according to Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8) is as follows:

Air Route
Flight No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time

- 1:26 A.M. EST, Dec 25, 2007

Wuhan: The First East Lake Winter Sweet Flower Exhibition to Held

The First East Lake Winter Sweet Flower Exhibition will be held in the Plum Garden of Moshan Mountain in the East Lake scenic area of Wuhan, from December 25th 2007 to January 20th 2008.

There are totally more than 500 winter sweet flower trees belonging to 100 categories in the Plum Garden of Moshan Mountain. Different from the plum blossoms, winter sweet flowers are yellow and there is a layer of wax on the surface of petals. Moreover, the winter sweet flower blossoms one month earlier than the plum.

Admission Fee:
Bus Route:
No. 401, 402, 413, 515

- 1:26 A.M. EST, Dec 25, 2007

Harbin-Hailar Air Route Opened on Dec. 24th

Deer Jet Company Limited has opened the Harbin-Hailar air route today, December 24th, 2007. Boeing 737 is used for this route and the flight schedule is as follows:

Flight No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time
& Friday

- 1:13 A.M. EST, Dec 24, 2007

The 4th Funiu Mountain Skiing Festival to Start on Dec. 28th

The fourth Funiu Mountain Skiing Festival is to start in Funiu Mountain Ski Resort in Henan Province's Luoyang on December 28th, 2007.

About two hours' bus trip from Luoyang, Funiu Mountain Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in central China, covering as area of six square kilometers (1,483 acres).

During the festival, a series of activities will be held, including parties on the snow land, skiing performances, a photography competition, skiing shows and lotteries.

- 1:12 A.M. EST, Dec 24, 2007

Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport: The 2nd Terminal Building Completed

The second terminal building of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the top priority of Pudong Airport expansion, was completed on December 20th, 2007. It will be put into use next year.

Lying to the eastern side of the first terminal building, the second terminal building was built symmetrically, consisting of a main building, vestibules, departure lounges and a fixed aerobridges mainly.

In addition, it is built with advanced electromechanical devices, including watering and drainage system, power supply and distribution system, air-conditioning system, entrance guarding system, monitoring system as well as 308 moving staircases.

- 1:22 A.M. EST, Dec 21, 2007

Procedures for Air Passengers' Health Declaration to Simplified as of Jan. 1st, 2008

Foreigners and Chinese citizens entering China will not have to fill in the quarantine declaration forms any more as of January 1st, 2008, when there will not be serious infectious diseases occurring at home and abroad.

However, those who have fever, cough, infectious or mental diseases or those carrying microorganisms, human tissues, blood or plasma products, animals, plants or their products have to make a declaration to border officers orally.

- 1:21 A.M. EST, Dec 21, 2007

Chengdu: the First Pingle Chinese New Year to Start on Dec. 22nd

Through months' careful preparation, the First Pingle Chinese New Year is to start in Pingle Ancient Town on December 22nd, 2007.

About 90 minutes' bus trip away from the Chengdu urban area, Pingle Ancient Town is considered as 'the first stop of southern 'Silk Road', enjoying the fames as 'one of the ten Chinese charming towns', the 'famous Chinese historical and cultural town', the 'national town with beautiful surroundings' and the 'national 4A-grade tourist attraction'. It preserves the most complete Chinese traditional farming culture of the 1920s and the1930s.

During the festival, visitors can admire the well-preserved ancient Silk Road, Kwan-yin Temple of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), [the] Temple of the City Gods of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the ancient drama stages and the old tea shops. Meanwhile, visitors can eat mutton, set lanterns on the river and pray under the old banyan.

- 1:22 A.M. EST, Dec 20, 2007

Beijing: Main Body of Beijing South Railway Station Completed

The main body of Beijing Railway Station, the terminal of Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway and Beijing-Shanghai express railway, has been completed and it will be put into use in August, 2008. It will be an integrated transport hub of Beijing for high speed railways, subways, suburban railways, buses and taxis, with a capacity of 10,500 passengers.

- 1:19 A.M. EST, Dec 20, 2007

Shanghai: the Largest Subway Train Parking Lot in Asia Set up

Fujin Road Parking Lot of Subway Line 1 in Shanghai, the largest subway train parking lot in Asia, has been constructed recently. It will be put into use by the end of the year 2007.

Located on the western side of the Wenchuan Road and southern side of the Fujin Road, this parking lot can hold 54 eight-carriage trains now, covering an area of 30 hectares (74 acres).

Along with the use of the parking lot, the subway trains on Subway Line 1 will depart from the southern and northern bases simultaneously.

- 1:11 A.M. EST, Dec 19, 2007

Beijing: Christmas Eve to Celebrated in Amusement Parks

The amusement parks in Beijing will hold colorful activities to celebrate Christmas as of Dec. 22nd, 2007.

Shijingshan Amusement Park will hold a Christmas Eve party on the night of December 24th, when the tickets price is CNY 50. At that time, tourists can admire the castle stage performance, join in the mask campfire performance and take part in other more than 20 activities.

Beijing Happy Valley will celebrate Christmas from December 22nd to 31st, when the daily ticket price is CNY 120 and the evening ticket price is CNY 60. Then, a series of activities, such as open-air music bars, luminous Christmas floats parading and happy choirs, will be held on the Olympic Square. The evening ticket price of the Olympic Square is CNY 10 on December 24th and 31st.

Beijing Amusement Park will hold a DJ concert from 17:00 to 20:00 on the evening of December 24th. At the same time, five amusement items will be open to the public for free.

- 1:10 A.M. EST, Dec 19, 2007

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