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Guangzhou: Huangshanlu Forest Park to Opened to the Public for Free

Through more than one year's construction, the basic scenic spots of Huangshanlu Forest Parkwill be opened to the public for free in late January 2008, which is the first gratis forest park in Guangzhou.

Located in the downtown area of Guangzhou Nansha District, this park covers an area of over 1,200 hectares. Its highest peak is 295 meters (968 feet) above the sea level, which is the highest in the southern areas of Guangzhou. In the park, there are both historical sites and natural sceneries such as the emplacement site of the Opium War, an ancient temple, lakes and camphor woods.

So far, the main tourist routes and scenic spots have been finished, including corridors, pavilions and some support facilities.

- 3:08 A.M. EST, Jan 9, 2008

Xian-Linyi Air Route Opened as of Jan. 5th 2008

Kunpeng Airlines has opened a new air route between Xian and Linyi of Shandong Province as of January 5th, 2008.

There are three flights per week for this route, respectively on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The schedule is as follows:

Air Route
Flight No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time

- 0:32 A.M. EST, Jan 8, 2008

New Shanghai-Zhengzhou CRH Added as of Jan. 5th 2008

Another multiple unit train between Shanghai and Zhengzhou has been added as of January 5th, 2008. It only takes six hours and forty-six minutes to finish the whole trip, which is six hours and forty-seven minutes shorter than the ordinary Shanghai-Zhengzhou train K152.

CRH1, which is made up of eight carriages and altogether 611 seats, runs for it. The ticket price is CNY 299 for the first class and CNY 239 for the second class.

At present, there are two shuttling multiple unit trains between Shanghai and Zhengzhou. The general information for them is as follows:

Railway Route
Train No.
Midway Stops
Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing, Bengbu, Xuzhou, Shangqiu, Kaifeng
Bengbu, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou

- 0:30 A.M. EST, Jan 8, 2008

Xian: Shaanxi Museum of Natural History to Opened on Jan. 5th 2008

Shaanxi Museum of Natural History, the only large and comprehensive museum of natural history in northwest China, is to be opened on January 5th, 2008.

Located on the South Chang'an Road of Xian, it was a spherical glass-made building near Shaanxi Provincial TV Tower. The museum consists of a ball-shaped technology exhibition hall and a crescent-shaped natural history exhibition hall, taking an area of 110 mu (18 acres). The technology exhibition hall is composed of five sections of special subjects, including geological phenomenon, ancient creatures, insects, the magic Qinling Mountain and the light of life. The natural history exhibition hall is also set up with five theme sections, namely, the popular science theater, the wonderful world of children, the science land, body experience and the electronic land.

Additionally, visitors can have a look at a Morpho Helena sample which is worth CNY 360 thousand, a fossil of a Stegodon huanghoensis living in five million years ago and a fossil of a huge Mamenchisaurus.

Admission Fee:
CNY 30
CNY 15 for students, servicemen and the disabled
Free for over 70-aged people and children under 1.2 meters (4 feet)
Opening Hours:
09:00-17:00 everyday except Mondays
Bus Route:
No. 19, 44, 106, 212, 215, 217, 229, 239, 321, 323, 408, 526, 527,
600, 603, , 704, 905, K600, K631, Tourism Bus No. 9 (320)

- 0:44 A.M. EST, Jan 4, 2008

Hong Kong: Disneyland to Celebrate China Lunar New Year

To welcome Chinese Lunar New Year, Hong Kong Disneyland will hold a series of activities from January 22nd to February 24th, 2008.

Then, the Mickey Mouse, the Minnie Mouse and other cartoon characters will present marvelous performances in festival clothes. With Zhang Xueyou as the representative, eight famous Hong Kong singers will be invited to take part in the activities. In addition, Disneyland will provide visitors with over 80 kinds of New Year food and more than 70 New Year presents.

- 0:43 A.M. EST, Jan 4, 2008

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