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Guangzhou-Delhi Direct Flight to Opened in October

China Southern Airlines (CSA) will open a route from Guangzhou to Delhi on October 11th, 2007.

As the only route from Guangzhou to India, this route will be the fastest direct airline from China mainland to India. The flight will adopt Boeing 757, taking five and a half hours for a single trip. There will be three flights a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The Flight CZ359 leaves from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, at 17:55, Bejing Standard Time (GMT+8), and gets to Delhi at 20:55, local time. The returning flight, Flight CZ360, takes off from Delhi at 22:55, local time, and lands at Gangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 06:40 (Beijing Standard Time), the next morning.

- 2:40 A.M. EST, Sep 18, 2007

44 Tourist Trains to Operated during China National Day Holiday

Chinese Railway Department plans to run 44 extra tourist trains during the National Day Holiday, October 1st-7th, 2007.

The operation of these trains aims to regulate the passenger flows in the tourist cities like Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Shenzhen and Kunming. 35 temporary direct trains will also to be started between big cities and main tourist areas then. Meanwhile, after the sixth large-scale speed-up of national railways, the newly-operated CRH (China Railway High-Speed) trains between the main China cities will also supply travelers some convenience.

- 2:37 A.M. EST, Sep 18, 2007

CEA to Open Direct Flight from Kunming to Calcutta in Oct

News from Xinhua News, China Eastern Airlines (CEA) is to open a direct flight from Kunming to Calcutta of India on October 29th, 2007.

There will be three flights a week for this route, respectively on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The flight will leave at 23:50 from Kunming and arrive in Calcutta at 02:10 the next day. The returning flight will take off from Calcutta at 03:00 o'clock and land in Kunming at intraday 05:20. The schedule is based on Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8).

- 0:34 A.M. EST, Sep 17, 2007

Hangzhou to Hold the Largest Buffoon Carnival in Asia

It is reported that Hangzhou will hold the largest international buffoon carnival in Asia with the greatest variety during the China National Day holiday, October 1st-7th, 2007.

The Tiandu Park in Hangzhou City will present about 400 performances during the seven days. On the day of September 30, the artists will parade in the city, and classical performances will be performed at night. On October 3, the first China AEMI super balloon show will be held.

Over 70 world-class comedians from 15 different countries will then get together in Hangzhou. Most of them have ever got the laurels of Broadway, Hollywood and Disney many times. Jeff Gordon, a most famous American clown artist, will also appear on the stage.

- 2:26 A.M. EST, Sep 14, 2007

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Exhibited in Britain

News from International Online, China's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Exhibition is open to the public from September 13, 2007 to April, 2008 in the British Museum, London.

The eighth wonder of the world, Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. This exhibition gives an insight to Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) and features his funeral objects. 120 pieces of cultural treasures will be displayed, including terra-cotta horses, chariots, musicians, bronze vessels, jade objects and others dated back to the Qin Dynasty.

During the exhibition, the British Museum will also hold a series of activities on the theme of Qin Shi Huang such as films, lectures, seminars, calligraphy and handwork.

- 2:21 A.M. EST, Sep 14, 2007

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