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Chongqing Tourism Festival Starts on Sep. 27th

The 11th Chongqing Tourism Festival begins on September 27th, 2007 in Chongqing.

The opening ceremony will be held on the Nanbin Road, Chongqing. On September 28th, four big sized floats will parade in the city from Nanbin Road, through the Yangtze River Bridge, finally to Yuzhong District.

In addition, most of the scenic spots will hold varied activities to celebrate the festival. For example, Ci Qi Kou (Porcelain Village) will have 'Old Town Porcelain Art and Culture Festival'; lantern Festival will be held on the Nanbin Road; The Red Shoe of Grimm's Fairy Tale will be performed in the Foreigners' Street; there will be campfire party, Dai dances, and famous Chengdu and Chongqing snacks at night in the Tianci Hot Spring.

- 9:10 P.M. EST, Sep 26, 2007

Shanghai Jixiang Airlines to Open Pudong-Haikou Air Route

Shanghai Jixiang Airlines plans to open Pudong-Haikou air route on September 28th, 2007. Air Bus 320 for this route will take off at 08:55, Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8), from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and the Flight No. is HO1123. Then, Flight HO1124 will leave Haikou for Shanghai at 12:40, Beijing Standard Time.

- 9:02 P.M. EST, Sep 26, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland 2007 Hallowmas Celebration Starts

News from Xinhua News, Hong Kong Disneyland started to celebrate 2007 Hallowmas on September 25th, and the celebration will last to October 31st.

For the celebration, the Disneyland designed a 'black world', in which there are adventurous space hills and mysterious hotels in the street. Besides, the Mickey Mouse and the Donald Duck, the classic and representative cartoons, will stage and interact with visitors then. Meanwhile, the special delicacies, drinks and souvenirs for the Hallowmas will also add more pleasure to the activity.

- 0:47 A.M. EST, Sep 26, 2007

Xian-Hanzhong Expressway to Open on Sep. 30th

It's reported that Xian-Hanzhong Expressway will be put into use on September 30th, 2007.
Hanzhong is in the south of Shaanxi Province and to the south of the Qinling Mountain which divides China into two regions in farming - north and south. It borders Sichuan Province in the south and Gansu Province in the west. Hanzhong is the hometown of Zhang Qian, the pioneer of the Silk Road, and the important military base of Emperor Liu Bang of the Han Dynasty and the Shu State of the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280). Great poets Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, and Lu You all had ever traveled Hanzhong, leaving behind many magnificent poems.
After the opening, the original eight hours' trip will be shortened to about three hours. For a single trip, the toll for a car is worked out to be CNY 145, and the ticket of the direct passenger bus is predicted to be CNY 80.

- 0:44 A.M. EST, Sep 26, 2007

The Seventh China International Folk Arts Festival Begins in Suzhou

News from Xinhua News, the seventh China International Folk Arts Festival began on September 25th in Suzhou.

This festival is divided into to two sections. First, tour and performance will be given (Sep. 25th- Oct. 1st), and then the ten excellent foreign art teams selected will go to Beijing to perform (Oct. 2nd-6th).

Then, nearly a thousand artists from 22 different countries will gather in Suzhou. The performances are mostly national and folk dances, national musical instruments performances and vocal music. Art ensembles of all the countries will adopt the performing form of combining square performance, stage performing and impromptu performing. 32 performances will be presented to the public at seven different squares and six different ancient historical and cultural towns.

- 0:42 A.M. EST, Sep 26, 2007

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