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Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport to Open Direct Air Routes to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport is to open direct air routes to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2008. Huanglong Airport has commenced direct flights to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, Kunming and Zhangjiajie since it was opened four years ago.

- 2:37 A.M. EST, Jan 14, 2008

Shanghai: Sightseeing Bus No.1 Opened between Wantiguan and the Bund

Recently, ten double deck sightseeing roofless buses have been operated for the No. 1 Sightseeing Bus Line linking Wantiguan with the South Bund in Shanghai.

This route is 10.85 kilometers (7 miles) long and takes passengers more than one hour for a single trip. The ticket price is CNY 3. There is one bus every 15 minutes starting from Wantiguan between 07:00 and 20:00 per day, passing Xuhui Business Center, Huaihai Road, Laochengxiang, Yuyuan Garden and the scenic spots along the South Bund.

- 3:35 A.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008

Jinan-Guiyang Through Long-distance Buses to Operated as of Jan. 16th

Jinan Long-distance Bus Station will open through buses between Jinan and Guiyang as of January 16th, 2008. The whole trip is 2,708 kilometers (1,683 miles) long and will take passengers about 32 hours. There will be one bus daily, which will start from Jinan, via Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing and get to Guiyang finally. For the convenience of the passengers, the bus will stop at all the major cities along its way.

- 3:33 A.M. EST, Jan 11, 2008

Nanjing: Confucius Temple Lantern Fair to Held as of Feb. 4th

Confucius Temple Lantern Fair of Nanjing will be held as of February 4th, 2008. Different from that of the past years, this year's festival lantern will be based on the theme of the Olympic Games. Colorful lanterns relevant to the Olympic Games, such as 'Fuwa' and 'Olympic rings', have been made, creating strong Olympic atmosphere. In addition, a set of Chang'e lanterns will also be a highlight of the fair.

- 3:07 A.M. EST, Jan 10, 2008

Huangshan: Huizhou Culture Museum Opened on Jan. 8th 2008

Huangshan Huizhou Culture Museum of Anhui Province has been inaugurated and opened as of January 8th, 2008.

Located in Huangshan City, this museum is a large comprehensive museum combining the functions of culture exhibition, collections, research, training, communication and sightseeing. It covers an area of 26 acres, with a building area of 14,000 square meters (3 acres). It is a Hui-style landscape garden building, consisting of sections for exhibition, collection and culture industry, with the Hui culture as the basic content and the natural beauty as the background. There are nearly 100 thousand pieces (volumes) of collections fully displaying the culture of Huizhou.

- 3:09 A.M. EST, Jan 9, 2008

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