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Shanghai: Huaihai Road Offers Free Sightseeing Bus

Recently, four free sightseeing buses are operated on Huaihai Road, Shanghai. Visitors can enjoy the beauty aside on the bus, or they can get off at any stop randomly to enjoy themselves well or to purchase goods.

There are seven stops along Middle Huaihai Road, South Xizang Road, Middle Fuxing Road, and South Shanxi Road. The stops are Garden Hotel, Jin Chen Hotel, League Center Committee Site, Huaihai Park, Fa Zang Temple, Fuxing Park, and Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The bus runs 20 minutes, and stops for two to three minutes at every stop. Besides, the buses also supply visitors with free sightseeing maps.

- 1:57 A.M. EST, Oct 9, 2007

Luoyang: Six Parks Open to the Public Free of Charge

Six city parks of Luoyang City have been open to the public free of charge since October 8th. The six parks are Wang Cheng Park, Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Guohua Park, Nanguan Park, and Sui and Tang City Site Botanical Garden. However, visitors still have to pay the admission fee during the Peony Show, Golden Weeks as well as when the park is holding some special or large-scale activities.

- 1:55 A.M. EST, Oct 9, 2007

Beijing Subway Carries out Flat Fare - CNY 2 for a Single Trip

Approved by Beijing Municipal Government, flat fare has been carried out in Beijing Subway since October 7th, and the subway monthly ticket is abolished.

For all the operative subways except the line to the airport, passengers only need to pay CNY 2 for a single trip in spite of the distance. Passengers can buy the ticket either by card or by cash, and those favorable groups still have their special rights, including the blind, the retired, the disabled soldiers and the soldiers in active duty.

The monthly ticket for Beijing subway will be canceled from November 1st, 2007. However, those valid monthly ticket cards can be used until October 31st. Thereafter, they can be used as common cards, and users don't need to change or return them.

- 1:23 A.M. EST, Oct 8, 2007

Beijing Subway Line 5 Opened on Oct. 7th

It's reported that Beijing Subway Line 5 has been put into use since the afternoon of October 7th after four years and nine months' construction.

Subway Line 5 is an important north-south trunk line of Beijing, which starts from Taipingzhuang Station in northern Beijing's Changping District and ends at Songjiazhuang Station in southern Fengtai District. It is 27.6 kilometers (17 miles) long with altogether 23 stops. Meeting with Subway Line 1, it crosses the loop line - Line 2. Besides, passengers can also transfer to Line 13 at lishui bridge MTR station, north Beijing's light rail link.

- 1:17 A.M. EST, Oct 8, 2007

Bus Ticket of Xian-Hanzhong Expressway Published

Today, Xian-Hanzhong Expressway is opened, and it only takes about three hours and twenty minutes for a single trip.

After the opening, there will be a bus every 15 to 20 minutes from 07:00 to 20:00 every day. From Xian, travelers can take on the direct long-distance bus to Hanzhong City from the Chengxi Bus Station. Destined for Ningshan, Ningqiang, Nanzheng, Chenggu and the other counties, travelers should take on the buses from the Chengnan Bus Station of Xian. Oppositely, travelers can take the returning bus to Xian from the corresponding terminals.

Approved by Shaanxi Provincial Price Bureau, for a single whole trip, the trial price of the bus ticket is CNY 70, and the prices of the bus tickets for the other 10 branch lines are as follows (all the prices will be adjusted in half a year):

Bus Lines
Ticket Price
CNY 34
CNY 83
CNY 73
CNY 80
CNY 64
CNY 55
CNY 65
CNY 76
CNY 51
CNY 43

- 2:07 A.M. EST, Sep 30, 2007

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