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Xian: Pit 2 of Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses to Closed

It's reported that Pit 2 of Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Xian, will be closed for repair from November 1st, 2007 to April 19th, 2008.

Then, the cultural heritages in Pit 2 will be moved to the Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, and visitors can still admire them as usual. Meanwhile, the other two pits and the exhibition hall will remain open.

- 2:54 A.M. EST, Oct 25, 2007

Beijing: Nine Places to Admire Red Maples

Located in the northwestern suburban areas of Beijing, the Fragrant Hill is the preferred place to admire red maples. Meanwhile, Baiwangshan, about three kilometers (2 miles) northwest of the Summer Palace, is another good choice.

Besides, there are another seven places to admire red maples, and visitors can choose any one to enjoy themselves. Please find the relevant information in the following form:
Bus Routes
Best Time to Visit
Fragrant Hill
Bus No. 330, 360, 318
Mid-October to early November
Bus No. 330, Te 4, Te 5, Te 6, 933, 697
Mid-October to early November
Beigong Forest Park
Bus No. 310, 385
early October to Mid- November
Badaling Forest Park
Take Bus No. 919 at Deshengmen
the end of Sept. to the end of Oct.
Mangshan Forest Park
Take Bus No. 919, 845, 912 to the terminal, or take Bus No. 345 and then change Bus No. 845, 912 or Huan 6
In Oct.
Hongluo Temple
Take Bus No. 916 or 936 at Dongzhimen, and then change mini-buses
In Autumn
Take Bus No. 916 or 936 at Dongzhimen
Areas around Miyun Reservoir
Take Bus No. 987 or 980 at Dongzhimen to Miyun, and then change Bus No. 8
Xiaolongmen Forest Park
Take Bus No. 929 at Pingguoyuan

- 2:53 A.M. EST, Oct 25, 2007

Beijing Happy Valley to Celebrate Halloween

On the theme of 'Mask Revel Halloween', Halloween is to be celebrated in Beijing Happy Valley from October 26th to November 4th.

During the festival, there will be a mask party every evening, when visitors can wear their favorite masks and colorful make-ups, and dance with pumpkin lights. Besides, at 21:00 every day, pumpkin team, demon and animal team as well as magician team will gather to form a corps, presenting wonderful performances.

Then, visitors entering the park at daytime can take part in the revels in the evening for free, while those entering the park after 18:00 have to pay admission fee of CNY 60. Meanwhile, the closing time of the park will be put off to 21:30.

- 1:10 A.M. EST, Oct 24, 2007

Jiuzhaigou: Admission Fee for Second Entry to Charge as of Next April

It's reported that visitors entering Jiuzhaigou scenic area for the second time in peak season will be charged as of April, 2008.

At present, visitors can reserve their next visit when they pay the admission fee for the first time. Thus, they only have to pay about CNY 20 more for their second visit. However, this preferential policy will be cancelled in the peak seasons (April, 1st - November 15th) as of next year.

- 1:09 A.M. EST, Oct 24, 2007

Mt. Huangshan: Admission Fee to Reduced to CNY 120

Huangshan Mountain scenic spot will adjust the admission fee down to CNY 120, which will be practiced between December 1st, 2007 and February 28th, 2008. Meanwhile, the price of the cable car will also be reduced to CNY 55 correspondingly.

Additionally, some special groups will enjoy free ticket or more favorable ticket prices based on the off-season ticket price, including over 60-year-old people, students, active duty soldiers, retired military officials, children, heroes, model workers and disabled people.

- 0:50 A.M. EST, Oct 23, 2007

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