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Jinggangshan Revolution Museum Opened to Public after Reconstruction

Jinggangshan Revolution Museum (Museum of Revolution in Jinggang Mountains) was opened to the public after two-year reconstruction on October 27th, 2007, when was the 80th anniversary of Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base.

Located on Hongjun South Rd. of Ciping, Jinggangshan City, the newly built museum takes up an area of 1.782 hectares. The main architectural structure is a four-storey building. On the first floor are the parking area and a lecture hall; on the second floor are the cultural heritage storerooms and offices; the third and the fourth floors are dedicated to exhibitions.

At present, over 800 pieces of cultural heritages and more than 2,000 photos are being displayed in the exhibitions halls of the new museum.

Admission Fee:
Bus Route:
No. 156

- 1:15 A.M. EST, Oct 30, 2007

Hongqiao Int'l Airport: Shanghai-Seoul Air Route Opened On October 28th

A direct international air route between Shanghai and Seoul, the capital of South Korea, was opened on October 28th, 2007.

There are two flights shuttling between Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Seoul Gimpo International Airport every day for this route. In China, the flights are operated by East Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, with the flight numbers FM823 and MU 512.

The schedule based on the local time is as follows:

Flight No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time
- 0:57 A.M. EST, Oct 29, 2007

Macau: 7th Macau Food Festival to Held as of Nov. 16th

The 7th Macau Food Festival will be held on Sai Van Lake Plaza, Macau, from November 16th to December 2nd, 2007.

Then, the Sai Van Lake Plaza will be divided into six sections providing different styles of food. They are given the names: Macau Street, China Food Street, East Asia Food Street, Southeast Asia Food Street, Continental Food Street and Dessert Street. 99 food restaurants will take part in the activity, of which 22 restaurants are from Chinese mainland areas. Among them, the well-known ones are Beijing Quanjude, Hangzhou Louwailou, Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant & Lounge as well as Urumqi International Grand Bazaar.

Following the past years, Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix Race will be held during the festival. Besides, cabarets will be presented everyday, with different local characteristics. Meanwhile, visitors can take part in the Beer Drinking Competitions willingly.

- 0:55 A.M. EST, Oct 29, 2007

Xian: 2007 Euro-Asia Economic Forum to Held

2007 Euro-Asia Economic Forum will be held in Xian from November 8th to 9th, 2007.

The general schedule is as follows:

Nov. 7th
Registration, Press Conference, Welcome Dinner and Xi'an Recreated March-in Ceremony
Nov. 8th
Opening Ceremony, Coffee Break, Plenary Session, Buffet Lunch, Parallel Session: Tourism Cooperation and Development I, Parallel Session: Energy Cooperation I (High-level Roundtable), Euro-Asia Education Cooperation Conference I, Parallel Session: Roundtable Meeting of Governors and Mayors, The Council Meeting of the Entrepreneurs' Committee of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Buffet Dinner and Art Show
Nov. 9th
Parallel Session: Tourism Cooperation and Development II, Parallel Session: Energy Cooperation II, Parallel Session: Education Cooperation II, Parallel Session: Financial Cooperation, Promotion Conference on Investment Environment and Project, Country Promotion & Exhibition, Entrepreneurs Meeting City Tour, Press Conference and Farewell Banquet

Please find the detailed information about this activity through this website:

- 1:48 A.M. EST, Oct 26, 2007

Beijing: 2007 China International Jewelry Fair to Held

2007 China International Jewelry Fair is to be held in Beijing from November 1st to 5th, 2007.

Then, a 508-millimeter-high jewelry torch designed by several Taiwan jewelry designers will appear. The torch is just one thousandth high of the world tallest building - Taipei 101. Its main body is made up of three sections of jade sculptures, and the flame is made of natural red coral. Its red flame burns from the golden burner, conveying the conviction of burning forever. Meanwhile, Taiwan exhibition area will be enlarged to 100 booths in this fair.

Altogether 500 leading jewelers from home and 12 foreign countries and regions will get together in Beijing to take part in the exhibition at that time, including Italy, Thailand, South Korea, America, Poland and Singapore.

To make sure the security, a large number of surveillance cameras have been fixed in the exhibition area, and the visitors have to register to enter the fair with ID cards or passports.

- 1:46 A.M. EST, Oct 26, 2007

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