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Direct Flight from Shenyang to Nagoya to Launch

Report from Xinhua News Agency said that said that China Southern will open a direct flight from Shenyang to Nagoya of Japan as of March 7, 2007. Thus, there will be five direct flights between Shenyang and Japanese cities (Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya).

It is said that the airplane will take off at 08:30 every Wednesday and arrive at Nagoya at 12:05, local time. The returning time will be 13:10 and the plane will land at Shenyang at 14:50, local time. Airbus A319 will be chosen for the flight. The one-way ticket is at least CNY 1,050 while the round-trip ticket price starts from CNY 1,900.

- 11:14 P.M. EST, Feb 25, 2007

Spring Festival: Booking Rate of Accommodation to Rise

Reports from National Leading Group for Holiday Tourism Office said that most of travel destinations still have accommodation during the Spring Festival Holiday while the booking of hotspots has been increased quickly.

The situation of main cities and destinations:
Beijing: The booking of accommodation just begins and people can find efficient rooms. The average booking rate is about 30%.
Shanghai: The booking rate of hotel rooms is lower than that of last year, only reaches 40%. But the booking rate of hostel is quite high, with a rate of 45% in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth days of Spring Festival.
Nanjing: The average booking rate of hotel rooms is about 40%.
Guangzhou: The average booking rate of hotel rooms varies from 24% to 41% from the first to the seventh day of Spring Festival. Meanwhile, the booking rate of hostels is about 10% to 32%.
Guilin: The booking rate of Spring Festival Eve, the seventh and eighth days of Spring Festival is less than 20%. 40% booking rate can be reached in other days.
Sanya: Most of the hotels were booked over 60% during the holiday and over 30% hostels were booked.
Chongqing: The average booking rate from the second day to the fifth day of Spring Festival is over 40%.
Chengdu: The average booking rate of hotel rooms is only 17% and the rate of hostel rooms is 15%.

- 11:52 P.M. EST, Feb 12, 2007

Dunhuang: Mogao Caves to Rise Admission Fee since April

Report from related department of Dunhuang City said that the admission fee of Mogao Caves will be appreciated to CNY 160 since April 1, 2007.

It is said that over 550 thousand tourists came to visit Mogao Caves in 2006. For a better protection of the world famous cultural heritage, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Dunhuang Price Bureau and Dunhuang Academy decided to increase the price since April 1, 2007. The new admission fee will be CNY 160 per person from May 1 to Oct. 31 and CNY 80 from Nov. 1 to Apr.30.

- 10:52 P.M. EST, Feb 11, 2007

Direct Guangzhou - Katmandu Air Route to Open to Traffic

It is reported that China Southern Airlines will open a direct Guangzhou-Katmandu flight on February 5, 2007, which is the first direct route between two cities. China Southern also plans to open Guangzhou-Dubai (UAE) on March 26th and Guangzhou-Delhi (India) on September 9th.

Persons involved said that the Guangzhou-Katmandu route will adopt Boeing 757. The plane will take off from Guangzhou at 20:00 every Monday and Friday and arrive at Katmandu at 22:45, local time. The return flight will fly off at 23:45 every Monday and Friday, and land Guangzhou at 6:30, the next day.

- 1:41 A.M. EST, Feb 2, 2007

New Flights from Beijing to San Francisco to Added

News from Air China said that two new flights from Beijing to San Francisco will be open to traffic since April 1, 2007, making the original five-flights-a-week change into one-flight-daily.

Since April 1st, CA985 will take off at 15:30 from Beijing and arrive at San Francisco at 12:10 the next day. CA986 will launch at 14:20 from San Francisco and land at Beijing at 17:05 the following day. Senior vice CEO of Air China said that the daily flight will offer more convenience to passengers and improve the service of Air China. Air China will become the only airways to provide daily flight in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

- 11:32 P.M. EST, Jan 28, 2007

Direct Flight between China and Swiss to Resume

News from General Administration of Civil Aviation of China said that the direct flight between China and Swiss, which has been suspended for three years, will reopen soon. China Hainan Airline got the permission to operate this route.

China opened Beijing to Zurich Route in 1978 but suspended it in 1999. Swiss Air Transport Company (abbr. SWISSAIR) started Zurich to Beijing and Shanghai Route in 1975 and suspended it in 2003 due to the bankruptcy of the company. Persons involved introduced that Hainan Airline will resume the route in 2007 and SWISSAIR in 2008.

- 11:34 P.M. EST, Jan 25, 2007

2007 Beijing Int'l Tourism Expo to Opened in June

It is reported that the 2007 Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) will be held in June 21~23, 2007. The first two days are held for dealers and the last day will be opened to visitors.

BITE has already won great success in past three years and is an important place for the communication of tourism. It is estimated that the latest tourism product from over 80 countries and areas as well as 25 provinces and cities of China will be displayed on this year's expo. The introduction on Beijing Olympics and the tour of Olympic Venues will be specially showed on BITE. In addition, the related internet expo will also be synchronously presented for a better efficiency.

- 7:27 P.M. EST, Jan 24, 2007

Beijing Publishes English Olympic E-Map

According to Xinhua News Agency, the official website of Beijing Olympics published the English version Olympic Map on January 16, 2007.

The website launched Chinese version e-map last January, which is the first dynamic electronic map in Olympics' history. After one year's preparation, English version one was published on January 16, 2007. Olympic venues, subway stations, Beijing Hutongs, hospitals, schools and academes, recreational places, shopping centers, hotels, tourist destinations, etc. can be found in this map. It is said that more Olympic-related info will be appended into this map in near future for a better service during the Beijing Olympics.

- 7:25 P.M. EST, Jan 24, 2007

Snow Attacking Tibet as of Jan. 15th

According to Tibet Autonomous Region Observatory, eastern Tibet may suffer snow after January, 15th. The temperature of most parts of Tibet will be decreased 3 to 6 oC (37.4 to 42.8 oF) after the snow.

From 15th to 17th, light snow will be present at Nyingchi Region, eastern Nakchu and Chamdo Region. Overcast weather will appear at Nakchu, Chamdo and Nyingchi from 19th to 20th with showery snow in some places of Tibet.

- 7:23 P.M. EST, Jan 24, 2007

Beijing: The Schedule of Four Abuilding Subways Published

It is reported that the schedule of four subways was announced in Beijing on January 16, 2007. Except Line 4, three of them will be open to traffic in 2008, ahead of Beijing Olympics.

Subway Line 5, which is 27.6 km (17.1 miles) long and connects Taiping Zhuang Bei of Changping District and Songjia Zhuang of Fengtai District, will be unveiled in September, 2007. The Airport Line and the first-stage construction of Subway Line 10, which connects CBD of Beijing, Olympic Green and Zhongguan Cun, will start-up operation on June 30, 2008. Subway Line 4, which will cross through the whole Beijing City, is estimated to be 26.1 km (16.2 miles) and to be open to traffic in 2009.

- 7:21 P.M. EST, Jan 24, 2007

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