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Timetable of Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Change

Due to the sixth speed-up of China's railway, the operation times of Qinghai-Tibet Railway will be changed as of April 18, 2007. The timetable of trains from Lhasa to Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou will be changed.

According to the new timetable, the train T166/3 from Lhasa to Shanghai will start the operation at 10:00 and arrive at Shanghai at 10:58, the third day. The train T164/5 will start at 20:08 from Shanghai and arrive at Lhasa at 21:00, the third day. The trains from Lhasa to Beijing will start at 08:30 and the operation time will be reduced to 47 hours and 4 minutes. The operation time of Beijing-Lhasa train is also reduced to 46 hours 30 minutes. The trains from Lhasa to Chengdu will start at 10:45 and the operation time will be reduced to 45 hours and 40 minutes and the Chengdu-Lhasa train 44 hours and 45 minutes. The Lhasa-Chongqing train will start at 10:45 and arrive at Chongqing after 46 hours and 32 minutes. The returning train will cost 45 hours and 39 minutes. The Lhasa-Guangzhou train will start at 10:00 and it will cost 56 hours and 10 minutes to arrive. The operation time of Guangzhou-Lhasa train will be reduced to 55 hours and 53 minutes.

- 2:00 A.M. EST, Apr 11, 2007

Direct Flight from Guangzhou to Lhasa Reopens

According to Xinhua News Agency, China Southern Airways reopened the direct flight from Guangzhou to Lhasa soon. Due to the fewer passengers in winter, China Southern suspended the flight last year.

The flight, CZ3417 flies off from Guangzhou at 07:10, every Monday and Friday, and arrives at Lhasa at 12:20. The returning flight, CZ3418 takes off at 13:10 from Lhasa and land Guangzhou at 18:10. It is said that the airline will be increased to three flights a week in May and one flight a day in July.

Passengers who want to fly to Lhasa also can choose another daily flight of China Southern, which will be transferred at Chongqing without changing planes. One can arrange the tickets at Guangzhou airport for the whole flight.

- 1:39 A.M. EST, Apr 9, 2007

Trains to Dunhuang to Add

More trains to Dunhuang will be lunched as of April 18, 2007, said the involved railway departments.

K592/1: From Dunhuang to Xian
N853/4: From Yinchuan to Dunhuang
T216/7 and T218/5: From Dunhuang to Urumqi
7527/8: From Jiayuguan Pass to Dunhuang
N857/8: From Lanzhou to Dunhuang

- 1:46 A.M. EST, Apr 6, 2007

Express Trains from Beijing to Shijiazhuang to Launch

After the sixth advance of China's railway speed, eight intercity express trains will be launched between Beijing and Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. It is said that the time on the train will be reduced to one hour and 59 minutes, about 40 minutes less than current T trains.

News from railway department said that the numbers of the eight trains will be D561/562, D563/564, D565/566, D567/568, D569/570, D571/572, D573/574 and D575/576. Detailed timetable will be shown on ticket office of the railway station. Besides, 12 express trains will be launched between Beijing and Tianjin also. Other express trains are D1, from Beijing to Shenyang North, D31/2 from Beijing to Shanghai, which can reduce at least two hours.

- 0:58 A.M. EST, Apr 5, 2007

Direct Train from Guiyang to Zhangjiajie to Start Operation

News from Xinhua News Agency said that a direct train from Guiyang to Zhangjiajie will start the operation on April 18, 2007, for a better transportation to tourists to Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon's Palace, Phoenix Town and Zhangjiajie.

The train number is 2646/5 and starts from Guiyang at 19:14, arrives at Zhangjiajie on 08:00, the next day. The returning train runs from Zhangjiajie at 19:20 and arrives at Guiyang at 06:38, the following day.

- 11:37 P.M. EST, Apr 1, 2007

Sangzhutse Fortress: Lesser Potala Palace of Shigatse City Renovated

The main building of Sangzhutse Fortress in Shigatse City finished renovation recently. As one of the earliest buildings in Tibet, Sangzhutse Fortress is titled Lesser Potala Palace.

The fortress was originally built in 1363. Due to the thousands of years corrodes by winds and rains, the fortress was badly damaged. In 2004, the departments and organizations involved decided to rebuild it.

- 11:35 P.M. EST, Apr 1, 2007

Ten International Air Routes to Open at Lanzhou

Ten international air routes are said to open at Lanzhou on April 1, 2007. The ten air routes are: from Lanzhou to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Los Angeles, Maldives and Canada, via Shanghai.

- 11:34 P.M. EST, Apr 1, 2007

Direct Washington-Beijing Flight Arrives at Beijing

The first direct flight between the capital cities of China and USA arrived at Beijing Capital Airport at 14:20, Mar. 29, 2007 after about 14 hours' flying.

The United Air Lines adopted B747-400 on this air route. UA898 flies off at 18:30 (Beijing Time) from Beijing and arrive at Washington D.C. at 19:46 (local time), the next day. UA897 takes off at 12:23 (local time) from Washington D.C. and lands Beijing at 13:55 (Beijing Time), the next day.

- 1:59 A.M. EST, Mar 30, 2007

Direct Guangzhou-Dubai Air Route Starts Operation

The first direct Guangzhou-Dubai (UAE) was open to traffic on Mar. 26, 2007. China Southern Airlines operates this route by Boeing 777B.

The flight CZ383 from Guangzhou to Dubai takes off at 20:10 (Beijing Time) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The arriving time is 1:10, local time. The returning flight CZ384 flies off at 2:50 (local time), every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and arrives at Guangzhou at 14:50, Beijing Time.

It is said that China Southern Airlines will also open several other international routes this year.

- 1:58 A.M. EST, Mar 30, 2007

First Shanghai-Africa Air Route to Open

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the first Shanghai-Africa air route will be opened on April 27, 2007, by China East Air (CE Air). The airline will adopt Airbus 340-300 and fly from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Johannesburg of South Africa via Maldives every Tuesday and Friday. CE Air will also increase more scheduled flights on other international airlines.

Shanghai Airlines will start Shanghai-Bangkok, Shanghai-Bali, Shanghai-Sabah and Shanghai-Clarke flights this summer. The round air route of Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shanghai-Macau will be three and two flights per day. The air route of Shanghai-Ho Chi Minh City will also be increased to one flight daily.

Domestic flights operated by Shanghai Airlines are also increased. The newly opened Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Kunming route adopts Boeing 767. The routes from Shanghai to Kunming via Wuhan, Shanghai to Xining via Xian and Shanghai to Lanzhou via Xian are also launched. The routes of Nanjing-Guilin, Shanghai-Mianyang, Shanghai-Guiyang and Shanghai-Beihai will be increased to one flight a day and the flights of Shanghai-Tianjin and Shanghai-Chongqing will be increased to three flights per day.

- 1:34 A.M. EST, Mar 26, 2007

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