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Yunnan: Yuanyang County to Hold Hani Terrace Cultural Tourism Festival

Yunnan Yuanyang 2007 Hani Terrace Cultural Tourism Festival will be held from November 19th to 20th, 2007. Then, there will be lots of distinctive ethnic activities, including Hani long-street banquet, folk-custom sacrifices as well as farm dancing and singing performances.
Located in the southern bank of the Red River, Yuanyang County is 301 kilometers (187 miles) away from Kunming. The terraces of Yuanyang have enjoyed a history of over 1,300 years. There are more than 3,000 steps from the feet of the mountain to its top.
Visitors can take the direct long-distance buses from any bus station of Kunming to get there.

- 0:02 A.M. EST, Nov 13, 2007

The 34th Harbin Ice Lantern Festival to Start as of Dec. 20th

The 34th Harbin Ice Lantern Festival is to be held in Zhaolin Park as of Dec. 20th, 2008.

Harbin Ice Lantern Festival is the cradle of Chinese ice lantern art, and is also the earliest and largest outside ice art exhibition in the world. There will be altogether eight scenic areas set up with different themes, collecting over 2,000 pieces of fine ice sculpture works. Besides, based on the former ones, this party will blend admiration with entertainment, adding many interactive activities for visitors to take part in and enjoy themselves.

Scenic Areas
Olympics Comes to My Home
South Gate of Zhaolin Park
Deep Affections Between Neighbors
South Korean Park
Pursuing the Origin
The northern part of the West Hill and the riverside areas around it
Happy Grand Stage
Music Square
In the middle bosket and the northeastern riverside areas
Ice and Snow Families
The original outdoor theater
Colorful Exotic World
Dispersed in the park
International Ice Sculpture Competition
On the small south Island and the riverside areas in its north

- 0:08 A.M. EST, Nov 12, 2007

New Siberian Airlines Opens New Siberia-Sanya Direct Air Route

At 09:10, November 7th, 2007, Flight S7845 landed Sanya Phoenix International Airport, carrying 227 passengers. The returning flight took off from Sanya at 10:40 of the same day. It is the first direct international flight from New Siberia to Sanya. There will be two flights for this route per month after the opening, and Air Bus A310 adopted for this route will serve passengers from November of 2007 to April of 2008.

- 0:09 A.M. EST, Nov 9, 2007

Train Tickets Booking Service Starts in Golmud

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company has started new train tickets booking service. Passengers in Golmud can now buy tickets for trains departing from railway stations in other cities 10 days ahead of their travel.

Now, passengers can buy the tickets for trains starting from Xining Railway Station and tickets for trains departing from many other cities such as Xining-Lhasa, Lhasa-Xining, Xining-Golmud, Golmud-Xining. In addition, Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company has also adjusted the schedule of trains between Golmud and Xining, N911 and N912. Train N912 now leaves from Golmud at 19:30, and arrives in Xining at 07:12 of the following day.

- 0:08 A.M. EST, Nov 9, 2007

Lhasa: Admission Fees of Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple adjusted

Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region decides to practice new ticket prices for Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple as of January 1st, 2008.

The specific information is as follows:

Potala Palace:
Peak Season
CNY 200 (May 1st-Oct. 31st)
Low Season
CNY 100 (Nov. 1st-Apr. 30th of the following year)
Jokhang Temple:
CNY 75

- 0:07 A.M. EST, Nov 8, 2007

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