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Direct Flight from Changchun to Fukuoka to Launch

News from Changchun Longjia International Airport said that direct flight from Changchun to Fukuoka of Japan will start to operate as of June 15, 2007. Every Monday and Friday, the airplane will fly off at 08:22 from Changchun and arrive at Fukuoka at 12:00, local time. The returning flight will take off at 13:00 and arrive at Changchun at 14:40, Beijing time.

- 1:43 A.M. EST, Jun 20, 2007

Urumqi: Port Visa Service Available Now

News from Xinjiang said that a port visa office was launched at Urumqi International Airport on June 10, 2007. For foreigners who have no time to obtain China visa in their own countries, it's easy and quick to apply the visa upon arrival at the airport now. The invitation letters and related materials are required when applying. This port visa is usable in mainland China and one can exit in any open port.
- 2:56 A.M. EST, Jun 13, 2007

Beijing: Imperial Ancestral Temple Reopens after Renovation

News from Beijing said that the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Forbidden City was opened to public as of June 9, 2007, after a one-year renovation. As the holly place for emperors' ancestor worship during Ming and Qing dynasties(1368-1911), the Imperial Ancestral Temple is under well protection. For welcoming the 2008 Olympics, the renovation cost RMB 15,000 in total.

- 3:02 A.M. EST, Jun 11, 2007

Tibet: The Snow City of Potala Palace to Open

News from Tibet said that Snow City, a part of the Potala Palace will be opened to public as of May 31, 2007.

Covering an area of 50,000 sq meters (12.4 acres), Snow City is the ancient architectures under Potala Palace. There are offices and residences for formal Tibetan leaders, nobles and monasteries, jails, factories, printery for sutras, etc. in this area. Visitors may enjoy authentic Tibetan culture by visiting this ancient buildings and factories and appreciating various performances and activities. The ticket is rated CNY 30 temporarily, and visitors can buy the ticket in South Gate of Potala Palace.

- 1:09 A.M. EST, May 31, 2007

China Southern Airways: Direct Flight from Taiyuan to Zhangjiajie to Launch

News from China Southern Airways said that a direct flight from Taiyuan to Zhangjiajie will be launched as of May 16, 2007. Every Wednesday and Sunday, the flight, CZ6297/8 will take off at 19:00 from Zhangjiajie and arrive at Taiyuan at 20:40. The returning flight will fly off at 21:30 and back at 23:10. The no-discount ticket will be CNY 1,240 and the airplane is Airbus 320.

- 9:05 P.M. EST, May 14, 2007

Direct Flights from Guangzhou to Southeast Asian Cities to Launch

News from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport said that passengers can take direct flights from Guangzhou to some Southeast Asian cities, including Phuket, Angkor, Yangon and Vientiane as of July 9, 2007. It is said that these flights can be searched through the online ticketing selling system and can be booked and sold now.

- 9:04 P.M. EST, May 14, 2007

Ticket Selling of Huangguoshu Scenic Spot Changes

News from Xinhua Agency shows that the Huangguoshu Scenic Spot of Guizhou has made changes on its tickets selling as of May 8, 2007. The ticket selling of Waterfall Scenic Area, Tianxingqiao Bridge Scenic Area and Doupotang Pool Scenic Area was combined together for a better service and protection to the area. Now the through ticket is CNY 180, which is 10 yuan lower than the original price.

- 11:35 P.M. EST, May 8, 2007

Special Schedule for Visiting Forbidden City during May Holiday Unveils

News from Beijing said that the opening time of Forbidden City from May 1st to May 3rd will be changed to 07:30, which is one hour earlier than normal time, for a better service to the tourists. The staff of Forbidden City said that there might be over 90 thousand tourists visiting the great palace in that period and several temporary ticketing offices will also be settled around the Meridian Gate area for the convenience of tourists.

- 1:10 A.M. EST, Apr 29, 2007

Direct Trains from Shanghai to Sanya to Launch

It is said that direct trains from Shanghai to Sanya will start to run as of Apr. 18, 2007. The train, K511/2, will start from Shanghai South Station at 9:50 and arrive at Sanya at 22:17, the third day. The whole trip is expected to cost 36.5 hours. The returning train will start at 16:50 and arrive at Shanghai at 5:43, the third day.

- 7:05 P.M. EST, Apr 18, 2007

Night Tour to Longmen Grottoes Starts Operation

Night Tour to Longmen Grottoes, one of the three most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China, was started operation on April 9, 2007. With the advanced lighting engineering in Longmen Grottoes, different scenery can be viewed by tourists. The opening time of the Longmen Grottoes was also extended to 22:00.

- 6:43 P.M. EST, Apr 17, 2007

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